19 Stories That Prove Being a Teacher Doesn’t Only Take Hard Work but Also a Sense of Humor and Commitment

2 years ago

A person’s individual traits often help them in the professional sphere. For example, it has been proven that a teacher’s sense of humor positively affects both the attendance of their classes and the academic progress of the students, while responsiveness and kindness can attract the most avid “F” student.

The entire editorial team at Bright Side would gladly start our education process under the supervision of any of the teachers from our compilation.

“My teacher is using Minecraft to teach us in class.”

  • So, the teacher, let’s call him Mr. A, had a reputation for being phenomenal and had every student engaged/invested in his class no matter how mundane the subject. Any time he asked a question, every student’s hand would shoot in the air with them shouting things like, “Call on me!” or “I know the answer!” Once, I asked him, “What’s your trick?” He responded, “Well, I told the kids every time we had a visitor in class, I need you all to raise your hand like I was giving away free candy. BUT if you don’t know the answer, raise your left hand. If you do know it, raise your right hand, so I know who to call on and we all look good.” Worked like a charm. © JuiceCastillo / Reddit

“My art teacher sent out a survey a while ago and asked if we had colored pencils at home. I said no and today she dropped some off at my front door.”

“The bottom one was made by my science teacher in retaliation.”

“My art teacher’s gift to me for making it through senior year”

  • In my first year of high school, my class decided to play a simple prank on our English teacher by all laughing when he faced the board and then stopping every time he turned around to face us. After a few minutes of this, he just left the classroom without a word. We all sat there confused until a few minutes later, the assistant principal comes in and explains that we’ve really upset our teacher; he made us believe we’d seriously screwed up...Then our teacher walked in and pretty much went, “Gotcha!” He instantly had our respect from then on. © b****s93 / Reddit

“So, today was the end of our school year and one teacher put those QR codes around the school.”

The QR-code contains the link to Rick Astley’s song, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” — Bright Side note.

  • I was in an architecture design lecture, and the lights were off so we could watch the PPT presentation, then it started raining outside. After a couple of minutes, we heard a loud sound of thunder that shook the class. Then the lecturer stared at us for a minute, took out his smartphone, turned on the torch, pointed it at his face, smiled an evil smile, and continued the lecture with the light on his face. He is the coolest doctor ever. © Hadi Kachmar / Quora

“My teacher came to class dressed as a dinosaur.”

Bits of knowledge are gained better with snacks in your hands.

  • I had a teacher in elementary school who brought in 2 bricks one day. He then proceeded to use one to teach us about gravity, eventually dropping it from up high and breaking it. He then “got angry” and proceeded to throw the other brick at the window. It turns out the other brick was fake, made of foam, and it just bounced off the window. © Fign66 / Reddit

“Today I have an exam, and my professor brought his dog in to help reduce our stress and make us do better.”

  • We had a great history teacher at school. Whoever arrived late to class had to hold a presentation the next day. If more than one student arrived late, whoever arrived last had to hold the presentation. The same rule applied to the teacher. One morning, my first class was canceled so I chilled with a friend. We saw 2 other students slowly jog to school, late, and we knew they had history class with this teacher. Suddenly, the 2 of them turned around and started to run at full speed. Behind them, also running at full speed in his suit, briefcase in hand, was the teacher. He was quite fast but didn’t manage to overtake them. © bookworm1896 / Reddit

“My art teacher has ceiling tiles that were painted by students in her classroom.”

“My math teacher wears a new tie every day. Here’s today’s.”

  • Our teacher gave us a chance for good luck during the exams. The one who managed to throw their exam book from the front door of the classroom to his desk got an “A” automatically. © nikitai21 / Pikabu

“A girl in my AP literature class brought her cat in. The teacher invited everyone else to bring in pets any time they please.”

  • In seventh grade, my math teacher noticed that my friend next to me was sound asleep. Instead of waking him up, he asked all of us to leave the classroom and wait in the hall. He then changed the time on the clock to around 4:15 and turned off the lights. Then he went up to my friend and told him that he should wake up now because school was over. My friend, an honors student, ran out of the classroom horrified at the idea of missing class into a crowd of about 40 people. We were all waiting for him laughing. One of my favorite middle school moments! © Drenckpolio / Reddit

“My math teacher has a stamp of his face that he uses on people’s tests if they do well.”

Please tell us about the funniest and kindest teachers that you’ve ever met!

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