19 Times People’s Bios on Dating Apps Were So Good That You Just Had to Swipe Right

3 years ago

Swipe left, and occasionally right. It turns out that users who have a warm smile in their dating app picture might up their chances of matching up with someone. But some folks took their profiles to a completely different level by spicing things up with a ridiculous photo, a witty joke, or even a mix of both! The results turned out to be more hilarious than expected, and one thing is for sure — their effort has earned them that Like button!

Bright Side went on a sort of dating trip, looking for the best profiles on Tinder. We found so many we can’t wait to share with you! Let’s have a look!

1. He is too stylish for this world.

2. Get your priorities in order, gentlemen.

3. We haven’t the slightest idea how she got into this pose. But it’s awesome!

4. Someone, please, quick!

5. Current mood

6. This is so relatable, it’s painful.

7. “The perfect woman doesn’t exis...”

8. Irony: 10/10

9. If after this aggressive campaign, I’m sure she will find someone.

10. She surely has a way with intrigue.

11. We’ll take both, please.

12. That’s an offer that is hard to refuse.

13. This guy has a sneaky strategy!

14. The hero we deserve

15. Well, mommy wouldn’t give you bad advice.

16. That’s an odd approach for a bio, but somehow it’s charming.

17. The shark from Ikea has finally found its perfect match.

18. It seems like we found the perfect match for that guy with the rooster in sunglasses.

19. An offer that many can’t refuse

Which one would deserve your swipe right? Let’s vote for the best profile in the comment section!


I swear tinder is just about having fun these days... I remember how serious people took it when it first came out

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