20+ Animals That Want to Be Best Buddies With Their Humans Like Shaggy and Scooby-Doo

3 years ago

For pets, their humans are their whole world. Whether it’s a kitty that watches out for you while you`re in the shower, a pup that keeps his paw on your toes when you’re in the toilet, or an eye sticking out from the gap under the door when you’re doing your homework — they don’t want to part with their humans, even for a minute. And although it sometimes results in an invasion of privacy, it’s still ridiculously adorable.

Here at Bright Side, we think that pets make our lives much better, even if you do nothing more than pet your kitty as you look at these photos.

1. “The way our rescue pup looks at my husband.”

2. “My brother’s daughter and new puppy are already best buds, they even have matching outfits!”

3. She came back to the front door with a new friend.

4. “This is what happens every time I shower.”

5. Free hugs!

6. “Found this little girl in a parking lot last month. She loves to rest in my arms.”

7. The way this good boy is asking for pets

8. “He always climbs up for a hug after his naps.”

9. My daughter with our third rescue pupper.

10. A beard kitten

11. Puppy eyes just begging for pets

12. “He found my wife’s hood.”

13. “My cat gets lonely when I go to the bathroom and sticks his paw under the door until I hold it.”

14. “Sir, you are under attack. You’re allowed to get up from the couch, only if it’s an emergency.”

15. “We raised a shoulder cat.”

16. It’s not only dogs you can travel with!

17. “I’m doing homework, and then I see this.”

18. That’s not a shoulder cat, it’s a shoulder puma!

19. “My dog always comforts my crying baby.”

20. A shoulder nugget and an armpit nugget

21. “She was purrrty proud of my accomplishment.”

22. “Just watchin’ TV, nothing unusual...”

23. The new work supervisor for today

For how long can your pets stay apart from you? We’d be happy to see your pictures and comments in the section below.

Preview photo credit thedoorlord / reddit


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