20+ Animals Who’d Have Lifted Everyone’s Spirits on Noah’s Ark

4 years ago

Did you know that there were only 16,000 animals on Noah’s ark? There were air-breathing, land-dwelling, creeping, and winged animals, but you wouldn’t be able to find any sea or amphibious creatures aboard. However, we equally love all types of animals even when they look funny or ridiculous while caught at just the right moment.

Bright Side has gathered some of the most hilarious photos featuring nature’s creatures of all sorts that will definitely make your day.

22. A marshmallow-headed dog

21. “Oh you know, just tanning.”

20. A Shiba Inu dog got stuck in a bush and pretended that everything was OK.

19. “How I look in any photo.”

18. A really dangerous criminal

17. If Kim Kardashian was a dog:

16. When you hit your toe on a coral reef:

15. “Do you like my new nails?”

14. “Thanks for the Whiskas, bro!”

13. Looks like something bad is about to happen...

12. “My friend and I when taking a selfie.”

11. “Freeze! Hands up!”

10. That neighbor who always knows your business:

9. How your mom looks at you when you’re sleeping in church:

8. “Ganglamb” style

7. A liquid cat

6. The floor is lava!

5. Just look at my new legs!

4. “I’m pretty sure my neighbor’s chicken wants to kill me.”

3. “Where are my worms?!”

2. We’re always as hungry as this Chihuahua.

1. Just don’t look down...

Bonus: A pug licking your screen

Which photo did you find to be most hilarious? Share your opinions in the comments!

Preview photo credit unknown / reddit


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