20 Artists Have Recreated Their Old Artwork, and the Progress Is Incredible

5 years ago

The “Draw This Again” Challenge is an online phenomenon that asks artists to recreate their old artwork in order to be able to see their improvement. Over many internet platforms, artists have been doing just that, finding drawings they created while they were younger or when they first started drawing and turning that simple sketch into a new and improved masterpiece.

We at <strong>Bright Side thought we’d show you these moments of growth, to prove it’s never too late to pick up a pencil or paint brush, and that practice really does make perfect.

1. 11 months: “My 2016 new year’s resolution was to draw every day. Here’s my progress from January to December.”

2. 15+ years: This childish dragon sketch has really evolved into a fierce beast.

3. One year: The growth in this mystical elf shows that some magic might really exist.

4. One year: You can really see how technique builds if you keep at it long enough.

5. 9 years: Practice and perseverance really do make perfect.

6. 2 years: A little bit of shading and color correcting really makes a difference.

7. 7 years: Showing this interesting cartoon step-by-step really portrays how growth doesn’t come in a day.

8. 3 months: Shadows and highlights are everything, and this artist proves it.

9. 6 years: When the finished product comes from your own imagination, you can really take it to any level.

10. 8 years: Children’s dreams don’t always go away. They just evolve.

11. 5 years: Improvement is art in itself.

12. 8 months: When you see results like this, it really is payoff enough.

13. 3 years: This mythological man is brought to life with softer edges.

14. 3 months: It’s hard to believe this is the same dog!

15. One year: If you practice enough, your cartoonish art can look like a realistic masterpiece too!

16. 2 years: Sometimes growth is practice, sometimes it’s materials, sometimes it’s style, but mostly it’s amazing!

17. 8 years: The improvement of this artist makes their sketches look like photographs!

18. 2 years: Sometimes it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

19. 10 years: 2 self-portraits, at age 13 and 23

20. 12 years: The “Draw This Again” original post shows a creature created for her story, and the results are simply phenomenal.

Which improvement wowed you the most? Or which creation was the most awe-inducing? Don’t hesitate to let us know, and make sure you show us your artwork too!

Preview photo credit ItsmeHoswa / reddit


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When I was a kid I really wanted to draw, but my mom was so sure that for drawing you need to have a talent. I believed her and did't attend art school
In the last years I understood that it's most of a hard work, and not talent


The progress of the guy from #9 is incredible! It's impossible to believe someone can create such realistic paintings ?


This compilation is so motivating! Just shows me that hard work WILL help to achieve the progress :)


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