20 Before and After Pics That Say: Don’t Wait Till New Year, Act Now

3 years ago

Changes are never easy, and we often wait for New Year to come to start a new habit, diet, or routine, trying to avoid these changes for as long as we can. In fact, you can get awarded with a whole new life, if you just stop waiting for that “special” day and start acting. The heroes of our article have changed greatly while trying to lose some extra weight and tone their bodies. Their before and after photos can serve as the best possible motivation to start the trip for the body of your dream right here and right now.

We at Bright Side can’t stop admiring these people who didn’t give up on the way to their dream body. If you’re also planning to lose some weight, have a look at these pics, and we hope they will become your inspiration.

1. “Last Christmas to today. I’ve made lots of changes and was gifted with a whole new face.”

2. “It’s been a little over a year since I started my journey and I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. Can’t wait to hit my ultimate goal.”

3. “Seeing the first photo was one of the things that sparked a lifestyle change!”

4. “Face gains and almost to 100 lbs lost!”

5. 1 year and 7 months, and now we don’t recognize this person.

6. This before and after is one of the best weight loss motivators.

7. “After 11 months of hard work, I have finally hit my goal.”

8. “The old picture of my face from July 2019 doesn’t even look real to me. Best thing I’ve ever done!”

9. “It has been tough, but I don’t regret a thing. The loose skin isn’t great but at least I can actually breathe and move now!”

10. Good job indeed!

11. “The last time I saw a 1 on the scale was my freshman year of high school! Still have a bit to go, but yay for being healthier and so much happier all around!”

12. “Met some friends who had last seen me when I looked like the left pic. They were flummoxed in the nicest way and showered me with compliments.”

13. “My 1 year update”

14. “2 months progress”

15. “It’s never too late. Never give up. Living a life I never dared dream possible!”

16. “Super proud of the progress I’ve made.”

17. It’s hard to believe this is actually the same person.

18. This woman made an incredible weight loss journey.

19. These pictures were taken 1 year apart!

20. “After a weekend of mountain biking, the hobby that truly inspired and revived my fitness, I finally reached my goal weight after 7 months!”

Whose transformations inspired you the most? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit mandiekitty / Reddit


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