20 Brides Who Couldn’t Care Less About People’s Opinion and Chose to Be Original on Their Wedding Day

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Although each couple has a particular style and tastes reflected in details such as decorations or invitations, one thing has become a tradition: the white dress that brides wear to get to the altar. However, some break the mold and impose their originality, surprising everyone with authentic outfits that show their personality.

1. “The dress was perfect for me.”

2. “My wedding dress. No Photoshop. That’s literally the color.”

3. “Legally married”

4. “I said yes to the proposal... Now I say yes to the dress!”

5. “My October wedding! I couldn’t hold the happy tears when I read the votes.”

6. “Not a very traditional bride and groom.”

7. “I made my sister-in-law’s wedding dress as well as both bride’s veils for their wedding last year.”

8. “If you’re thinking about a black wedding dress, do it! Mine was amazing!”

9. “Non-traditional gowns can still be super bridal.”

10. “Not exactly a dress, but I’m so happy I decided to wear a suit for my courthouse wedding!”

“I did have a dress, but it was short and all of a sudden the weather got way too cold. It was a last-minute decision (I bought it a week before) but I’m so glad I made it. I was really warm and felt so cool.”

11. “Go for the dress you want, even if it’s non-traditional!”

12. “Celebrated my second wedding anniversary with friends and family. Got to wear a custom wedding dress. Felt like a queen.”

13. “Had a beautiful witchy wedding in the yard of a 150-year-old museum. Was just us and our two best friends.”

14. “This is me on my wedding day, and I felt it was the right dress.”

15. “My goth wedding dress”

16. “This was my dress and I liked it very much.”

17. “I didn’t wanna go for white ’cause that’s just not who I am. I was so happy but so nervous. Pictures from this day turned out amazing.”

18. “My second time a bride at 46”

19. “It was so hard keeping my dress a secret! I’m so excited to be married!”

20. “My wedding dress. I really wanted something colorful. I saw this one and just fell in love.”

What curious wedding habits are there in your country? What has been the most special wedding you have attended?

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