20 Bright Side Readers Did a Terrific Job of Changing Themselves and Shared Their Results With Us

4 years ago

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to change themselves. And there are just as many excuses to start this hard journey. But some people have enough strength to get themselves together and not succumb to the pressure to quit. And it’s our readers who have achieved incredible results and have radically changed.

We at Bright Side are ready to share photos where strength and persistence made dreams come true. And they are so motivating they might make you want to start your own transformation today.

1. “6 years, more than 60 lbs gone. I was consuming 0.7 gallons of soda per day. Now I’m clean for 6 straight years.”

2. “15 months without alcohol. Plus eating healthy food. And walking.”

3. “I’m halfway there.”

4. “85 kg to 73 kg with just discipline”

5. The success of teamwork

6. “I lost 30 lbs!! I was 130 lbs and now I’m 100 lbs!”

7. “This is me, so it is possible if you really want it! I won!”

8. “Did it on my own and lost 57 pounds! No secret, I just watched what I ate, no carbs, and I power walked 25 miles a week!”

9. “I lost 25 KGS in a year!”

10. “I’ve still got more to lose, but I’m happy with my transformation.”

11. “It’s a lifestyle change, not a fad. Be stronger than your excuses.”

12. “128 lbs lost for me! I have very little loose skin for having lost almost half of my starting weight.”

13. “Worked out hard and dieted.”

14. “It’s never too late. 5 years apart.”

15. The only thing that remained unchanged is my favorite color.

16. “It’s doable.”

17. “My achievement: I lost 99 lbs.”

18. More than 100 lbs are gone.

19. Everything is possible with hard work.

20. “130 lbs in 3 years”

Do you have something you’d like change about your appearance? Or maybe you already have a transformation experience? We can’t wait to see your results in the comments.

Preview photo credit Nayan Kishnani / Facebook


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Hard work is what make people succeed in life. Good job people!


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