20+ Cats and Dogs Who Forgot About Stereotypes and Became Best Friends

4 years ago

While people keep trying to figure out who is better: cats or dogs, their pets not only fight, but also engage in criminal conspiracies in order to steal products together and even start to get along quite well.

We at Bright Side are all about friendship and positivity, that’s why we keep reading the stories and collecting the photos that show the friendship between cats and dogs, with pleasure. The most difficult part of this article was to stop adding new portions of cuteness to it.

  • I came home from work extremely hungry. I made myself a couple of sandwiches, put them on the table, and turned around to get some tea. Suddenly I heard a strange noise. When I turned back, I saw my cat standing on the table, eating one of my sandwiches and throwing the second one off the table for the dog waiting on the floor. © Overheard / VK
  • I am a hopeless dog-lover. I have 5 dogs and each of them has their own exciting story of how they ended up at my house. I also have a cat who just simply appeared at my place, I have no idea where from. My dogs now worship her. She does anything to them she wants. The dogs even refuse to go out without her. So I have to walk 5 dogs and at the same time carry this fluffy ball and watch the dogs turn around every minute to check where the cat is. © Overheard / Vk
  • My uncle and his wife had 2 dogs and one cat. The cat loved to go out at night and so there was a window that was always just a little bit open for it to squeeze through. One night the cat had a bit more fun than usual and about 9 weeks later there was a litter of kittens. A leopard can’t change its spots and the cat kept insisting on going out at night. Leaving the kittens unsupervised for hours would have been irresponsible. Her solution was to carry the kittens over to the bed of the female dog, who dutifully kept them snug, warm, and safe. © Walter Hartmann / Quora

  • We found our cat at the entrance of our block and named her Luna. A couple of months later we also got a corgi puppy. Once we left the puppy in the cage and the cat free to roam around when we left home. When we came back, we saw 2 happy faces meet us at the front door and there was no mess in the apartment. After that, we stopped keeping the puppy in the cage — he was left out under Luna’s supervision. © OdorediDolce / Pikabu
  • I have 3 cats, one dog, and many other animals. One of the cats who has known the dog the longest likes to feed him. There is a closet in the kitchen where I keep the food for all of them. She is well aware of which ones are for the dog and, when there is no one around, she opens the closet, finds the dogs’ cookies or any other treat and throws them to the dog. © Overheard / Vk
  • My cat and dog don’t really play or cuddle with each other, but they’re civil and secretly love each other. Whenever I take my dog for a walk my cat will meow at the door until we come back. If they’re in separate rooms with the door shut, they will both scratch at the door for me to open it so they can be in the same room together. © lillian_amber / Reddit
  • Our little cat loves our dogs, or at least as much as he, as a cat, is capable of “loving.” He’ll groom them, use them for body warmth cuddles, and “play wrestle” if he is so inclined. Got him as a young kitten, so he may think he’s a dog. I do sometimes wonder if he struggles with identity issues. © CaptainDBaggins / Reddit

  • I got a puppy when I already had a 3-year-old cat. The puppy had quite a cold welcome and the cat ignored him for the first week. During the second week, the cat changed his mind and started to take care of the puppy. But he continued ignoring me for the next month, he wouldn’t come up to me, and even slept on the floor instead of the bed. After 2 years, the cat and the dog get along very well and both sleep with me on my bed. © yona0kit / Pikabu
  • My best friend had a cat and then they decided to adopt a mastiff dog. They developed such a great union. They would open the fridge or the microwave oven when there was a hidden (from them) de-frosting piece of meat. Once, I visited my friend and had a bag with notebooks on the top and a bone (for them) on the bottom. These guys managed to get the bone out of the bag without tearing or ruining anything. They didn’t confess who ate the bone, but both had happy faces. © Graystripe / Pikabu

Are you a happy owner of both a cat and a dog? How do they get along? Please share their photos with us!

Preview photo credit OdorediDolce / Pikabu


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last picture is way too cute. Can't believe such a friendship can happen between animals


I love seeing how pets from different species can be friends


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