20+ Cats That Are Such Bad Roommates They Are Actually the Best

4 years ago

No matter what your cat’s name is, you have probably felt like calling it a devil at least once in your life. For example, when they knock over the Christmas tree right after you put it up or when they choose to destroy your couch with their claws, and, of course, when they could lie anywhere in the entire house, but they choose to sleep on a pile of freshly done laundry.

Bright Side has found 20+ convincing pieces of evidence that when all cats are kittens, they have the same basic training. This is why all of them act exactly the same when they grow up.

1. Cat logic is beyond reality.

2. This devil who scratches the couch and sits on the scratching post

3. It was up for 12 hours.

4. “Morning trip to the loo, and the cat decides to join me.”

5. “My cat is a devil.”

6. “This guy got up there and kept staring at me because he needed help to get down.”

7. Me: “Get off my back while I use the bathroom please.”

Her: “You stink.”

8. “Little acrocat already ruined the blinds in another room.”

9. “This is what I woke up to today...”

10. “He pushed my tv off the stand.”

11. “Making bath time a little less relaxing since he was a kitten.”

12. “This is available real estate, buddy.”

13. “My cat, after I tried taking back my laptop”

14. “He decided to not wait until I cleaned his litter box.”

15. Guilty!

16. I said, no music in the house! How is this not clear?

17. “Glad I bought Nacho a new cat bed...”

18. “Clean laundry? Don’t mind if I do...”

19. The “World’s Worst Cat” has discovered that he can wake the big people up by barging into the toddler’s room at 6 AM and waking *him* up.

20. “I wake up to this most of the time.”

21. Ah yes, the classic feline adage: “If I fits, I sits.”

Bonus: The sad truth about living with a cat

Do you have cat friends? What funny things do they do?

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