20 Cats That Look So Angry, You Don’t Want to Mess With Them

4 years ago

In ancient Egypt, people worshipped the goddess Bastet, half-girl, half-cat. Even the pharaohs made sacrifices in the Bastet temple. Since then, more than 2,000 years have passed. Today’s cats are cute creatures that you want to cuddle and stroke. But not these 20 cats. They look like they want to enslave the world.

Bright Side collected photos of cats that look so angry, you won’t even want to touch their beautiful fur.

20. During the Ironcat triathlon

19. Satan is watching you, man.

18. “Don’t come any closer.”

17. “Don’t even talk to me.”

16. “Food. Now! Hurry up!”

15. Where is his hat?

14. “This is not going to end well for you, human.”

13. “Ew! The smell of a human...”

12. This cat is so disgruntled!

11. Fluffy and huffy

10. “Colonel, Colonel Meow.”

9. Resting meow face

8. “I’m going to get my revenge...”

7. “Are you ready for some chilling scary stories?”

6. This cat should act in Tarantino’s movies.

5. Plotting world domination

4. Alone in the world was a little CatOwlDog...

3. Grinch, is that you?

2. Hey, are you hunting?

1. “Oh, no! It’s massage time again.”

Do you have a cat? Maybe you can expand on this collection in the comments?

Preview photo credit Laura Mullane / Facebook


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