20+ Celebrities Who Appeared in Public With Their Mothers and Melted Everybody’s Hearts

4 years ago

While most celebrities prefer to appear in public with their partners, some A-listers dedicate important nights out to their parents. From Keanu Reeves, who brought his mother to the Oscar ceremony as his date to Joaquin Phoenix, whose mother gives him proud looks, we bet you’ll want to rush and hug your parents right after reading this article.

We at Bright Side compiled photos of celebrities with their moms for you and want you to check which celebrities resemble their parents the most. Our bonus at the end will show you a celebrity who appeared in public with her in-laws.

Keanu Reeves took his mom, Patricia Taylor, as his date for the 92nd Annual Academy Awards Oscar Ceremony.

Joaquin Phoenix and his mother Arlyn Phoenix — can you see that proud mother look in her eyes?

Dwayne Johnson and his mother Ata Johnson at the World Premiere of Jumanji: The Next Level

Michael B. Jordan giving a public kiss to his mother Donna Jordan

Clint Eastwood and his mother Ruth Wood at the 76th Annual Academy Awards — both look extremely happy.

Singer-songwriter Janelle Monae and her mother Janet look stunning at the 92nd Oscars.

Tennis player Roger Federer hugs his mother Lynette Federer before a match.

Beyoncé and her mother Tina Knowles — now we know who the singer inherited her beauty from.

Katie Holmes and her mother Kathleen Strothers at the American Ballet Theater, giving smiles to photographers

Ryan Gosling and his mother Donna, who looks as young as her son

Blake Lively with her mother Elaine Lively attend the premiere of The Age of Adaline.

Proud son Russell Brand and his mother Barbara Elizabeth at the premiere of Rock of Ages in London

Actor Taron Egerton with his mother Christine Egerton pose for photographers when they arrive at the Bafta Film Awards.

Dashing Keira Knightley and gorgeous her mother Sharman MacDonald on the red carpet

Actor Daniel Kaluuya and his mother Damalie Namusoke at the premiere of Queen & Slim

Model Gigi Hadid and her mother Yolanda talk to the media after a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Jude Law and his mother Margaret Anne Heyworth during the 32nd Cesar Award Ceremony in Paris

NBA player DeAndre Ayton and his mother Andrea Ayton — what a difference in height!

Matthew McConaughey and his mother Kay McConaughey at the premiere of The Beach Bum

Javier Bardem and his mother Pilar Bardem — what else can be more precious than a son’s kiss?

Johnny Depp and his mother Betty Sue visit public events together quite often.

Bonus: Some celebrities go in public with their in-laws.

Angelina Jolie with her then-in-laws Jane Pitt and Bill Pitt

What are your parents like? Are you in a good relationship with them? Please show us their photos in the comments!


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Because moms deserve to be as close as possible to their children success. Awesome compilation ❤


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