20+ Designs That Can Make Our Lives Much Better

2 years ago

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” And our lives would be chaotic without technology and all the significant changes around us. But, large or mall, they are hopefully made by a tiny group of thoughtful, committed citizens. And, no doubt, they make our life easier and much more comfortable than ever before.

Bright Side has found some simple design solutions which prove that if to improve is to change, then to be perfect is to change often.

1. “Crosswalks in Korea have light bars on the ground to signal people.”

2. “Some of the chairs in the hospital’s lobby are taller for people who have issues sitting and standing.”

3. This elevator has buttons for your feet so you don’t have to touch the other ones with your hands.

4. “I thought these umbrella bags were interesting. Longer bags are available on the reverse side.”

5. These fold-out chairs are for comfort and to save space.

6. “An option to open the door with your foot.”

7. “This water bottle refill station at the airport has saved almost half a million plastic bottles.”

8. “You can rent battery banks on credit at the shopping mall.”

9. “The bathroom at DFW airport has lights on the ceiling that turn from green to red if the stall is locked.”

10. “My new fitted sheet has a pocket on it.”

11. “3D Printed house, Germany”

12. “On Hamburg public buses you can take a book for free and return it whenever you’re done.”

13. “This hospital has a 24/7 healthy food vending machine.”

14. “This building has a map of its location on the side.”

15. “This is an escalator for shopping carts.”

16. “Saw this colorful children’s ambulance at work today.”

17. “The fluorescent light fixtures in my doctor’s office.”

18. “Tampa General has large game tablets for kids to play on in the kids waiting area.”

19. “Manchester UK. The first-ever ‘living wall’ I have ever seen.”

20. “This stairway with motivational quotes.”

21. “This elevator with buttons accessible from wheelchairs.”

What things in your surroundings would you like to change most of all? Do you have any ideas on how to do it? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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