20+ Hospital Fails That Will Make You Cringe

8 months ago

How does this drawer make you feel? A Reddit user took this photo at their doctor’s office and found it annoying. I really feel like opening it to check what’s inside.

Who would even get the idea of making something like that? Maybe it’s more practical than we think? One of the comments pointed out that it could be a perfect place to store Toblerone chocolates.

Another one says it’s actually an optometrist’s office. And in that drawer, they keep lenses they put into the prescription measuring machine. The reason they’re tilted is so the doctor can easily see their labels from their stool. Okay, I get it, but it’s too late now, can’t get that stack of Toblerones out of my head anymore.

Before an MRI, you need to remove all metal objects from your body. That includes jewelry like necklaces, rings, or earrings as well as watches. You need to remove even dentures — which are false teeth — hearing aids, and wigs because some wigs can have traces of metal. So it’s best not to bring any of these things with you to a scan, since the MRI scanner produces strong magnetic fields.

One Redditor mentioned his wife forgot to remove her iWatch before she went to a scan. Somehow, the hospital staff didn’t see it either. After that short time in the machine, the watch already reversed the polarity in the magnet. It continued working after that, though.

Imagine coming to the hospital and ending up in a hallway that looks like this. I would probably run away for dear life, with scenes from horror movies in my head. And if I ever got the courage to go back I’d find out it’s just a weird pattern on the floor. And then there’s a nurse receptionist telling you to just follow the blood trail to get to your surgery room and doctor’s office. Yikes!

Here’s another thing that looks like some weird scene from a thriller — an oddly looking patient lying in the basement of the hospital, with giant eyes wide open. Until you realize it’s something that only reminds you of a human being. Phew, wouldn’t like that to be my hospital roommate. I guess hospitals are places where your imagination can turn the wrong way so easily.

Like, check this photo one Redditor took — a handprint mark in one of the hospital elevators. Hmm, have I been watching too many horror movies lately, so I expect there’s a scary story behind everything?

Speaking of movies, one Reddit user took a photo of the hallway that goes to his dentist’s office, noticing how it looks like a Stanley Kubrick scene. Looking at this hallway, I would almost expect to see twin girls come out to meet me.

Moving on to something bright here — Mr. Potatohead breaking the monotony of white hospital halls. A user shared this to show how hospital staff has some fun dressing up for Halloween. And in case you get too scared, the nearest doctor is probably right behind the corner or even under the mask, so...

Don’t you just love it when you come to the waiting room and find a peaceful atmosphere and some polite, quiet individuals that mind their own business — like this fella here in the hospital in Leiden?

Picture this — you’re at the hospital, and the power went out throughout the entire building. Imagine being hooked to a life-monitoring device when suddenly the lights go out, and then Windows decides to take it slowly and knock out its updates. Like it’s saying your life can wait — its updates are more important than you.

That’s the situation one Redditor caught during their visit to the hospital. Luckily, it sounds worse than it is in reality. Some people pointed out in the comments that the PC you see in the pictures is used for things like medication scans and charting, not for actually keeping people alive.

I think going to a dentist/doctor’s office is scary enough, even without the pictures like this at the back door. And sometimes it’s not about what you find at the hospital, but what you bring there.

One Redditor had issues with his ears, so he made an appointment with his ear doctor. And this is what came out of his left ear. Whoa, hope everything’s well now!

One dentist had an interesting idea of decorating his bathroom wall with a picture of his bathroom. Let’s stop for a second to try to find differences between the picture hanging on the wall and the photo of the real-life bathroom. Okay, there are some, but it still works well. And when you take a closer look, inside of this picture there’s a picture of his bathroom with the picture of the bathroom on the wall that again contains another picture of his bathroom at the same spot on the wall, and so on and so on.

Dentist’s or doctor’s office doesn’t always have to be so strict and devoid of color and art. For example, this user wanted to show others a painting on the ceiling they saw when sitting in the dentist’s chair. It certainly adds a bit of life there — plus, it may help you divert your mind from all the work that’s been waiting for you in that chair. At least until you hear the sound of a dental drill.

Another user decided to share some art too, this one from her gynecologist’s office. These things are such a cool way to shorten your waiting time.

When you go to the dentist, the last thing you want to see is a bunch of fingernail marks on the chair where you’re about to sit and let your teeth be fixed. Like here in this picture. We can just imagine people there were bored, right? And hold on a second, I’ll be right back, just have to postpone my next dentist appointment.

Dentists seem to have some pretty innovative ideas to freshen up their working space. Well, ‘freshening up’ may not be the term I’d use to describe this antique dental chair in the lobby of one dentist’s office, but you gotta give a man points for creativity. It’s like an old-timey reminder that dentists were even scarier before than they are today. It certainly seems like a good way to occupy your mind while waiting for your turn!

Doesn’t this tape on the painting make you want to pull it? It’s something one Reddit user sees every time he goes to their doctor’s office. It’s probably even more infuriating than the waiting itself! Or maybe it’s just a form of art I don’t quite understand. But I’d still take the tape off though.

Check this one out! There’s really something infuriating about this column, especially considering it’s at the doctor’s office, which is supposed to feel safe. But we probably all feel the urge to hit the bottom part.

Here’s something cool for kids — the teeth holder and umbilical cord holder one Redditor found at their dentist’s office. They can fill it and exchange it for a fortune at Tooth Fairy’s office!

When you get to the hospital, your mood is usually already low, so you could use some things that might cheer you up. Like TV — that apparently you need to pay at some hospitals. What a mood spoiler!

When in the doctor’s waiting room, kids can get especially bored. That’s why it’s cool when you see a waiting room with some interesting things they can play with. But it’s not cool to have an exposed outlet right next to their playing area. They probably won’t just steadily sit at these chairs no matter how fun this table might be. At some point, they’ll probably want to go around and explore what else is out there — and an exposed outlet is not one of the things they should stumble upon there.

As if you don’t feel uncomfortable at the hospital already — and then you see some of those creepy hallways like this one. A real horror picture, right? You can almost hear the faint singing of children from down that hallway. It’s definitely not the place I’d like to accidentally get lost or go in for any reason.


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