20+ Manufacturers Who Know a Thing or 2 About How to Upgrade Their Goods

2 years ago

It seems like nowadays anything can be upgraded, even children’s shoes or tampons. And we believe that this approach can really transform our world.

Bright Side would like to warn you that, after looking at the photos from today’s article, you’ll probably want to buy something.

1. “My towel rod was packaged with hundreds of balloons.”

2. “I found this gem on the packaging for spicy noodles.”

3. The logo of this airline is a snowflake made from planes.

4. This 1.5 liter water bottle

5. This Swiss water bottle has the Matterhorn in it.

The Matterhorn is a mountain of the Alps at the border between Switzerland (the canton of Valais) and Italy (the Aosta Valley).

6. These tampons have motivational quotes on them, so they’re basically fortune cookies.

7. This bread bag clip is made from cardboard instead of plastic.

8. The earbuds are packaged into the shape of a musical note.

9. In Asia, straws have been replaced by sippy cups.

10. These baby shoes can be zipped almost all the way around.

11. “My scrunchie has a functional pocket with a zipper.”

12. “My new office chair came with gloves to wear when putting it together.”

13. “This bag for my breakfast burrito is tinier than usual.”

14. This yogurt container label shows the bar code as a waterfall.

15. This juice bottle design makes it look like there is a lizard inside.

16. “I found a pen with a cap shaped like a cat.”

17. “My shorts are paying me a compliment.”

18. “This yogurt is sold in glass jars that are decorated and intended for reuse as decor.”

19. No, those who buy these pantyliners are not 5 years old.

20. “My mattress came in the largest Ziploc-type bag I’ve ever seen.”

21. “I bought a Korean scale. What am I doing wrong?”

Have you seen any other items that had a cool product design? Share their photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit DeviceOk5590 / Reddit


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