20 Men With Gorgeous Manes Who Are Worthy of a Flying Kiss

3 years ago

We often admire ladies with long, lustrous hair and impressive hairstyles. So, why not start doing the same thing for men? Some gentlemen have decided to let their hair grow, and the gorgeous manes they ended up with can make any woman jealous. From bouncy curls to relaxed waves, these guys redefine the term “masculinity”.

Bright Side selected photos of 20 attractive men who know what their attributes are and how to flaunt them.

1. “Here’s a rare picture of me with my hair down.”

2. “It’s much longer than it looks.”

3. “I envy those curls. My hair is straighter than can be.”

4. “If I saw you on the street, I’d go home and cry. You’re gorgeous.”

5. “I’m the only one in my family to have inherited my great-grandfather’s ginger gene.”

6. A selfie on the way never hurt anybody...

7. “Why did I have to cut off my hair before the Witcher got popular?”

8. “Probably top 5 best hair days I’ve ever had, but I have nowhere to be today. So you all have to look at it...”

9. “It might snow today! Stay warm.”

10. “I never go anywhere to show off the mane. But you guys will appreciate it, right?”

11. “Feeling great today.”

12. “Looking at this pic has legit been the highlight of my day. So gorgeous.”

13. “3 years of hair growth”

14. The mustache comes as an extra...

15. “Wow, those curls!”

16. “Letting the lion out!”

17. Bouncy curls in the house

18. “3.5 years, donated once, growing again”

19. “I miss the summer sun, but now it’s time to embrace the winter beard. Life keeps flowing along.”

20. “It is real soft today... haha”

Which man(e) made you say “I want those curls too”? Do you have short hair or long hair? Share a picture with us.


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Feeling jealous after seeing this post. I am a girl and i never had such a amazing and gorgeous hair.


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