20+ Mind-Bending Photos That Can Make You Question the Laws of Physics

3 years ago

When taking photos, the right angle and timing can be everything. This is especially true when it comes to spontaneous photos, which accidentally become real masterpieces, leaving us with a broccoli tree, a levitating TV set, or a dog bodybuilder.

At Bright Side, we really love photos like these. If you have similar creations, send them to us.

This tree resembles broccoli.

“He’s a bodybuilder, bro!”

A giant dog roams over a freshly plowed street.

Legoland’s Buckingham Palace


What terrible teeth we have!

“The photo of my upside-down cat looks like a right-side-up cat face.”

Very thin legs or striped pants?

A hand or a foot?

You’ll have to look at this photo twice.

A 2D building

This razor-thin camper trailer

Magic outside Hogwarts

Going up or going down?

A ghost cyclist

Is the shower really that small?

This window looks like a painting.

The way the paint dried in this old bottle looks like a tidal wave.

A tractor on the roof of a church in Ireland

How many horses do you see?

“My dog lying in the driveway looks like he’s floating in open space.”

“Stained glass” made out of Legos

It’s hard to believe, but this photo is not Photoshopped.

“I took a photo of this bed frame I’m selling, and the angle I took the photo at doesn’t show any shadows, so it looks like a Photoshopped image of a bed.”

Do you also see a man in black here?

“The light diffraction made my beans look like they were a picture of beans sitting in a dish.”

Fishing on a very foggy day

Could you immediately understand what was happening in these photos, or did you have to look at them twice? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit mookid85 / Reddit


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