20+ People Share the Moment They Officially Realized They Live With a Savage

3 years ago

Monsters don’t always look like Godzilla or sharks from Jaws. Sometimes they keep their washing liquid in an old milk carton, install 6 shower controls in the bathroom, eat all the Oreos, leave the filling in the package, or pay rent with $1 dollar bills. If this all sounds familiar, don’t get upset. Instead, take a picture, have a laugh, and share it with the world as these Reddit users did.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve seen and dealt with a lot of weird relatives and neighbors, but the sheer oddity of the ones in our compilation can outshine anyone.

1. How my family keeps our measuring tape

2. “Why don’t we install a larger door and just make a dip in the floor?”

3. If you think that 2 shower controls is boring, this bathroom is for you.

4. “My girlfriend’s complete inability to finish a drink.”

5. “My roommate left a surprise in the kitchen while I was outside.”

6. “I live with monsters.”

7. Why? Just why?

8. “The way my girlfriend ’puts away the groceries’ still in the bag.”

9. “’Live with a girl,’ they said. ’Things will be clean,’ they said...”

10. “The way my dad puts things away in the fridge — this is a piece of steak...”

11. “The way my roommate gives me rent.”

12. “My wife ate every single marshmallow in a family-sized box of Count Chocula. Every. Single. One.”

13. “How my boyfriend uses the bathroom hamper.”

14. “Cable management at our school.”

15. What a marriage dealbreaker looks like.

16. “My mom always eats the chocolate and puts it back in the freezer like this...”

17. “Yes, I married a person who does this.”

18. “The way my family leaves the toothpaste looks like an art project.”

19. What a trillion-dollar company idea looks like

20. “How my stepdad closes a box of cereal after eating edibles”

21. “My roommate’s festive potato managed to grow in his cupboard.”

22. “Isn’t it the best part of the Oreo?”

When was the last time you realized you live with a savage? We’d be happy to see your comments and pictures in the section below.

Preview photo credit doemaarkoraal / reddit


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guy from nr.12, seriously buy your wife a pack of marshmallows ahahaha


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