20 People Share the Secrets They Use to Rock Their Daily To-Do Lists

3 years ago

It just takes a little bit of ingenuity and passion to find the will and go the extra mile when doing those daily chores that everybody is supposed to finish ASAP. But in the end, that little extra-effort pays off, especially when you find a new way of doing those chores that will save you time and money. Well, Reddit users decided to share some of their most creative tips to make sure your to-do list doesn’t keep growing by the day.

Bright Side made a compilation especially for you of some of the best secrets that were shared online. We’re sure they’ll be helpful!

1. “Freeze your grapes and you can eat them anytime you want! Taste so good too!”

2. “If you want to work from bed but don’t have a proper laptop stand, you can use a small ironing board like Ikea’s Jäll.”

3. “Light a candle that’s too hard to reach with dry pasta and a normal lighter.”

4. “My husband made this book-holder-opener for me to ease hand cramping.”

5. “My sister just pulled this out to stop the big spoon from falling into the bowl.”

6. “Putting together furniture? Use some of its Styrofoam packaging to keep small parts from disappearing!”

7. “Don’t waste burger juices... put your fries under and let them soak up the juice. You’ll get moist fries full of burger juice flavor.”

8. “Put the ice cream in a Ziploc bag or grocery bag to avoid freezer burn. It also makes the ice cream easier to scoop. (My pastry chef told me this. 😀)”

9. “My grandma showed me a genius way to eat cheese puffs mess-free — just use a toothpick!”

10. “Resize a ring with Velcro.”

11. “Reuse a Pringles can for other snacks that come in bags to avoid loud bag crinkling in the office.”

12. “Having a coin isn’t always a given....”

13. “Wrap a piece of lettuce around one side of your sandwich/burger to keep the goods from falling out the other side.”

14. “Taping wax paper to your windows is an easy, cheap, and quick way to maintain your privacy without compromising natural light.”

15. “This reusable coffee timer that uses 2 cups”

“Last coffee was made at 7:00.”

16. “Wife didn’t have a Bundt cake pan... I thought her solution was pretty ingenious”

17. “For cat owners: Use a beard trimmer to shave off all the pull threads from your cat clawing furniture. Makes it a lot less noticeable with that clean couch shave.”

18. “Use a cheap $1 squirt bottle to cleanly and easily dispense soap when washing dishes. Saves soap and you don’t have to fumble around with big bottles of dish soap.”

19. “Fold a couple of sheets of paper towels into the hole for those times you get stuck with extra messy hands.”

20. “My local coffee shop recycles milk containers as carry trays.”

Do you have any tricks that you use to save time on daily tasks?

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