20 People That Can Fix Pretty Much Anything

3 years ago

When something breaks down in a house, there’s always a choice: you can throw it away or replace it with a new one, or try to restore it, if possible. The people from today’s compilation chose the second option.

We at Bright Side were curious to see the creations of these people and now we’re sure that imagination and a little bit of talent can make for some wonderful things.

“Finally fixed what the cat did to the couch when we bought the couch 7 years ago.”

“Restored these thrifted, super-old Dr. Martens as a present”

“My old neighbors left this column, so I sanded and lacquered it. Makes me want to eat some chocolate.”

“Before and after — my first attempt at upholstery!”

“Before/after: Repainted and repaired a second-hand bike for my baby’s zero-waste Christmas gift this year. I’m really proud of it.”

“Had to throw this basket out at work because the side had split. I asked my boss if I could have it and she said sure, so with a little ribbon it’s fixed!”

“If your cats also love scratching your couches, use sisal rope. It’s cheap, eco-friendly, and once they rip this, they are easy to replace”

“Doing a very quick festive repair on my husband’s 10-year-old reindeer slippers”

“I found 2 chairs online, each with several issues. I got them both, and was able to combine them into one working chair that looks almost brand new!”

“My jeans always rip on the left knee. These are my favorite, so thought they deserved a nice mending”

“My backpack straps were peeling so I crocheted some covers. They’re velvet. So luxurious!”

“Fixing my hamper so I don’t have to buy a new one.”

“Workbench that I got for free and fixed up”

“Busted my zippers out, decided a little mending was in order!”

“I am pretty proud of what I did.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t ready to throw these out quite yet.”

“I patched our window screens, then embroidered on them. First embroidery in years!”

“Fixed up a roadside-found rocking chair”

“Our very old couch broke, so I embroidered The Shining’s Jack Torrance to fix it. Can’t wait to see our guests’ reactions when they go to sit down.”

“I was able to restore my favorite boots!”

Have you ever been able to restore old things this way? We’d be really happy to see the photos!

Preview photo credit maelstrorn / Reddit


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