20+ Photos Proving That Our Grandparents Were Extremely Attractive in Their Youth

3 years ago

Time goes by very fast and the trends, the idols, the idea of the perfect body proportions change, but true beauty is simple and obvious even through the decades. This is probably why we can spend hours looking at the photos of our grandparents. The photos are full of a sense of harmony that makes us feel so calm and good.

We at Bright Side know that our ancestors could have easily become stars of social media or show business if they were young in the 21st century. Look at these photos from all around the world.

“My grandma was hotter than many.”

“Here’s a picture of my grandfather and his first wife in 1938.”

“My grandmother when she was 18, winning a beauty pageant in Louisiana”

“My grandma — She reminds me of a better-looking version of Barbra Streisand.”

“60-year-old photo, from 1960, of my grandpa in his early 20s. The letter in his pocket is a love letter from my grandma.”

“My 18-year-old grandmother in Brighton, in 1949. She was so beautiful.”

“Great-grandfather, colorized”

“So, my grandmother was stunning.”

“My grandfather, a veteran from Brooklyn, in his uniform, with the love of his life, my grandmother”

“My grandmother was very beautiful in the 1930s-40s. Unfortunately, I never got to meet her.”

“I restored a picture of my late grandmother from 1946. She died last weekend at the age of 98. She was 27 in this picture. I wanted to share how beautiful she is.”

“This is a picture of my grandmother 80 years ago. She’s 100 today and the most beautiful person I’ve ever known, inside and out.”

“My husband’s grandfather, Richard, around the 1940s-ish. He was a boxing champ and timber mill worker, living in Heyfield in rural Victoria, Australia. I honestly can’t get over how really, really, ridiculously good looking he was.”

“My beautiful grandma in the 1940s”

“My grandparents after my grandmother ran away from her family to be with my grandfather, 1951”

“My grandma once told me, you never know how truly beautiful you are until you grow old. On the left is her on her wedding day.”

“What a find! My beautiful grandmother in the mid-’40s”

“Today, my grandmother showed me a picture of her on a date with my grandfather in the 1950s.”

“My great-grandmother was a beautiful lady.”

“The very first picture my granddad took of my grandma”

“My grandfather in 1954, Memphis”

“Picture of me and my grandmother (dad’s mom) when she was in her 20s. People say I have similar features to her. I think she was so beautiful.”

“My grandmother was a model in the 1940s and 50s, this is her at 18.”

“Series of photos of my grandmother recreated by my sister and me for Father’s Day in 2014”

“Here’s my grandmother on her wedding day, sometime in the 1940s”

What old photos do you have in your family albums?

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My granny used to be pretty good looking but because of age/illness etc she put on a lot of weight and barely moves so yeah..
All of this just makes me wonder what I will look like when I get old!

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