20 Photos Proving That South Korea Is a Totally Different World With Its Own Rules

2 years ago

Korean cosmetic brands are famous around the world, but they don’t hold a candle to the popularity of local music bands. Travelers and Koreans themselves tell such amazing stories about this country that we definitely want to see it for ourselves.

Bright Side never misses a chance to learn something new about different places on our planet. So today, we’re going to show you pictures of real life in South Korea.

“On the beach in South Korea, you are given a special waterproof body-temperature sticker.”

“If it becomes too yellow, you should get temperature checked again at the beach entrance.”

Careful! There are cats here!

Sauron is going to appear soon.

“South Korea puts traffic lights on the ground so that people who are looking at their phones can still see the light.”

“I love Korea and the regular updates on how close the toilet is. I need my updates every 3 meters or so.”

“Took these in the same spot over the past year. Korea’s 4 seasons!”

“This building with an ’F’ for the fourth floor instead of a numerical 4, as 4 is considered bad luck.”

“These are solar-powered benches here in Seoul, South Korea, complete with USB and wireless charging docks.”

“I get to walk through this every day on my way home from work.”

“Just another casual lunch in Sokcho”

The view of Seoul is amazing.

“Seoul to Busan for $40 while almost laying down? With chargers, a table, and a foot rest? Sure, why not?!”

Bongeunsa Temple at night

“Perfect. I always wished I could brush my teeth with fire noodle sauce.”

“Found Totoro on the side of the road!”

“Dongguk University, Seoul campus, in the month of Buddha’s birthday”

“A supercharger v3 in Guro, Seoul, one of the latest superchargers installed in South Korea”

“I’ve been walking around the old neighborhoods in Seoul and there’s something about this golden light that’s so soothing.”

“I moved to Korea a while ago, and while driving this weekend, I saw a sign: ’Welcome to Queen Seondeok’s Tomb!’”

“A small restaurant in the snow in Seoul”

Would you like to go to South Korea? Maybe you’ve already been there and can tell us something interesting about the country!

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Preview photo credit koryodynasty / Twitter


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