15+ Girls Who Created Cool Outfits From Whatever They Had on Hand

3 years ago

Perhaps nothing is impossible for people with rich fantasies and crafty hands. They’re able to make great things out of nothing, like a cool outfit, for example. Of course, most of these dresses are made just for photo sessions or theme contests, but still, their ideas are so outstanding that you might get inspired to create the same garment. Perhaps you’ll need it one day as well.

We at Bright Side are simply astonished at what materials can be used for making outfits. Most of these options simply wouldn’t enter our minds.

“Growing up, I always thought this flowered wallpaper from my grandparents’ kitchen would make a nice dress...so when that kitchen was remodeled recently, I had the chance to make that fantasy a reality.”

“I made all the dresses for this bohemian wedding using repurposed fabrics and textiles, such as antique lace curtains and Venice lace appliques.”

“For the bridesmaids, I created dresses from antique lace tablecloths and dyed them various shades of gray.”

“I made a dress out of used wrapping paper.”

“Here’s my prom dress made out of soda pop tabs.”

“I made this dress for a contest. The top is made from recycled wrappers and plastic and the base is 300+ wrappers sewn over a petticoat.”

“Balloon art is my thing. Last year I made myself a promise that I would make my homecoming dress out of balloons. I did it.”

“I made this dress for a local runway show. It’s literally made out of paper, like magazine sheets. I’m hoping to really expand and make a name for myself as a designer in the fashion industry someday.”

“My wedding dress was made from trash bags, plastic table cloths, and butcher paper.”

“I made a new dress out of an old shower curtain.”

“This dress was made from 80% painted bed linens. The hoop bones in this dress are made from PVC pipes. I wore it while proposing to my photographer husband.”

“My first self-drafted dress! It was made from the most amazing thrifted bed sheet.”

“This is a Wonder Woman dress made from fuse beads. Now I’m off to make the gauntlets, boots, a sword, and a shield. Hopefully, I won’t run out of beads.”

“I made a dress out of an air mattress — took less than 24 hours.”

“This dress was made from 12 pairs of torn out jeans and 1 pair of torn out overalls. It is surprisingly warm.”

“Watch me use 11 rolls of toilet paper! This outfit was made for the Cheap-Chic-Wedding toilet paper contest!”

“I made a dress out of cardboard!”

“This dress was made out of a book!”

“I made a dress out of an old parachute.”

Are you someone who has crafty hands? What kind of masterpieces do you create and what materials do you use?

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I AM extreme.. like my middle name.. but that balloon dress? I wouldn't dare to wear it anywhere :p Soo risky


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