20 Pics That Instantly Raise a Lot of Questions

2 years ago

The randomness of life always makes each day a gem as it makes up another curious yet unpredictable moment that leaves us scratching our heads from time to time. They might even be a part of nature. Maybe this is the universe’s way of reminding us that it’s full of absurdity and weirdness.

We at Bright Side enjoy the company of everyday randomness. That’s why we collected a bunch of unique surprises for you. Come have a look at 20 of them down below.

1. “This clothing store that hung its shirts sideways...”

2. “This toilet paper in Peru has a smaller paper roll in its center to be taken on trips or put in purses!”

3. “My orange has sectoral heterochromia.”

4. “A log with coins people have inserted”

5. “A pair of laced Crocs”

6. “This speed limit sign”

7. “My hibiscus plant, which always had white flowers, bloomed a half-pink and half-white flower today.”

8. “This cart looks like it’s leaning on its friend.”

9. “My grandma’s mailbox is her house.”

10. “This snow roll-up”

11. “My stepdad keeps forgetting to take the boiled eggs out of the freezer when they’ve cooled down.”

12. “This Ghostbusters van I saw at the grocery store”

13. “Natural camo leaf”

14. “These signs in my neighborhood telling people to pick up after their dogs”

15. “A strange plant formation in my city”

16. “This ‘elephant’ watering can my friends and I found”

17. “This heart-shaped strawberry”

18. “So, which is it?”

19. “One of the screws in the box I bought wasn’t threaded. A threaded screw is on top for comparison.”

20. “The general waste and recycling bins all go into one bag at my gym.”

Which of these moments made you take another look? Which of them amused you?

Preview photo credit Bitten469/reddit


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