11 Curious New Gadgets the World Is Not Ready for Yet

8 months ago

Have you ever dreamed of making phone calls by using your hands and nothing more? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to have a personal robot at home? Today almost all of our dreams have become true. But are we really ready for these technological innovations?

Bright Side gathered the most fascinating modern gizmos you’ll definitely want to have in your life.

11. SpotMini — for those who can’t afford a real dog

This small 4-legged robot called Spot can walk around, climb up the stairs, and pick up and handle objects. It doesn’t need any special care, and your kids will love it. The perfect substitute for a domestic animal!

10. ORII — a voice-powered smart ring

This wearable gizmo uses the power of bone conduction technology and dual microphones. Now you don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket to make a phone call or to text — just tap your ear, and do anything you want!

9. Bakblade — a shaver for back hair

The easiest do-it-yourself back shaver was created especially for men who want to get rid of hair in hard-to-reach areas. And don’t be afraid of pain — it feels just like a back scratcher.

8. Sgnl — make phone calls with your fingertips

Sgnl is a smart strap that allows you to make calls with your fingertips. You can wear it with classic or smartwatches or just as a smart band. All you need to do is connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy the conversation!

7. Muzo — create your personal zone of silence

Are you tired of all the noises that surround you in your everyday life? Is it hard to concentrate on your work when you always get distracted by nearby sounds? Although nowadays it seems that you can’t escape from surrounding noise, you can get some silence in your busy life by using this revolutionary anti-vibration acoustic device.

Muzo can generate realistic dynamic sounds by canceling vibrations. These sounds of "silence" set the scene and drown out all intrusive noises. In addition, by using Muzo you can protect your speech privacy and not worry about people eavesdropping.

6. Nora — the smart snoring solution

This addition to your bedroom works in the following way: take your favorite pillow, place the insert under it, put the "pebble" somewhere near your bed, and go to sleep.

When you start snoring, the gadget will gently move your head without waking you up, and you will stop making this unpleasant noise. You partner will have a good sleep at last!

5. Scribble — a pen that draws in any color

This incredible pen can capture any color from everyday objects in 1-2 seconds. The developers of the gizmo use technologically advanced ink, so it will never fade away or become blurred. You can apply the pen to any surface: paper, clothes, walls, or any other object you want to leave your mark on!

4. JUNO — an intelligent makeup mirror

There are actually 4 features in this gadget: it can be used as a reading light, a makeup mirror, a selfie ring light, and a storage tray. All this makes JUNO an indispensable item for any girl!

3. ili — a wearable translator

If you use ili while abroad, you’ll be able to say goodbye to all language barriers. This portable translator is the best option for travelers as it can translate the most common sentences in 0.02 seconds and doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection.

2. The Noonee chairless chair

This device is placed at the bottom of the user and works as an exoskeleton, although it doesn’t limit the user’s movements. If you want to sit down, you just bend your knees at the appropriate level, and the chairless chair will support you.

1. Zungle — safe listening with an open-ear solution

These sunglasses have bone conduction speakers, so you can not only protect your eyes from sunrays but also listen to music and answer phone calls without using your ears — the gadget transmits the sound waves right to your skull by vibrations.

Have you heard of any other mind-blowing devices? Share your ideas in the comments!

Preview photo credit Boston Dynamics


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