22 Tech Gadgets Our Grandchildren May Be Using in the Future

3 years ago

According to statistics, an average adult in the U.S. spends about $1,200 on electronic gizmos a year. Apparently, this type of expense will only increase over time since we invent more and more gadgets that make our life easier and more enjoyable every single day.

Bright Side compiled a list of the most fantastic gadgets our grandchildren will likely be using in the future.

22. A 3D pen

21. A speaker that allows you to touch music

20. An Instagram-focused camera

19. A circular shower

18. A floating sofa

17. A machine that folds your laundry

16. A robot suitcase

15. The pen printer

14. A device that can levitate jewelry and other small things

13. A hanger that dries and disinfects towels

12. A transparent TV screen

11. A nail watch

10. A noiseless karaoke microphone

9. A fridge that uses biopolymer gel to cool food

8. Selfie shoes

7. The Smart Finger, a distance-measuring device

6. A stand for those who are always online

5. A lighter watch

4. A wearable device that relieves pain

3. A device that translates animal thoughts into human language

2. Heated socks for those with cold feet

1. A pen that transcribes your singing into a score

Could you live without modern gadgets? Which of the gadgets on this list would you find useful in your daily life? Share your opinions in the comments!


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i may need the karaoke thingy, the 3d pen, the thing that allows makes your score something and what not to say! I NEED ALL OF THEMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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