20+ Ordinary Girls Proved You Don’t Need to Be an Artist to Do Cool Makeup

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4 years ago

On Reddit, there is a subreddit called Makeup Addiction where anyone can tell people about their makeup skills, share life hacks, or ask for advice. This subreddit united some very different girls — some of them are already professional makeup artists, and some are happy that they have learned some very simple skills. We decided to tell you about our favorites.

Bright Side has looked through all the photos on this subreddit and chose the most interesting ones. These women will show what they look like with and without makeup and share their stories. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus for you.

“I’m practicing doing my own makeup for my wedding in April. My goal is to still look like myself and keep it pretty natural.”

“I did makeup for my friend. I was kinda worried that I made her eyebrows uneven-looking, even though I followed the natural shape of her eyebrows and tried to make them look even.”

“My daily rushed ’Baby is taking a 10-minute micro-nap’ face”

“Before and after everyday blushy look”

“I did a ’no makeup’-makeup look.”

“I watched a lot of videos on makeup and Korean beauty trends.”

“Nothing fancy just trying to enhance / look more awake.”

“Full acne coverage!”

“Makeup always looks the best when you have nowhere to go.”

“The night before my wedding my little sister got an eyebrow wax and they caused a HUGE burn on her face. Luckily, I had the most AMAZING makeup artist swoop in and save the day!”

“With and without makeup: I tried to make my freckles less visible, but still natural-looking.”

“My mom doesn’t do makeup. Today, I did makeup for her and she was shocked by how much she changed.”

“My everyday ’no makeup’ makeup look”

“Ready for a date with myself”

“Grunge-inspired smokey eye and cool lip”

“My everyday 15-minute glam face: The lashes take the most time.”

“Yeah, I know my eyebrow shape is still different.”

“I gave my mother a makeover!”

“I tried for a fresh, summery look.”

“I’ve finally found something to hide my under-eye bags.”

“I have cystic acne, but someone told me my skin looked beautiful today.”

“Was going for the most traditional Hollywood glam look I could get.”

Bonus: It looks like this guy mastered the art of makeup without makeup.

Do you often go out without makeup? Or do you prefer to have some on whenever you leave the house?

Preview photo credit TheWhitestBrown / Reddit


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The main thing here is that they all went for soft and rather simple looks, that's why it went fine. If you want to create something more advanced, then you will need a special skill

Comment with image on Bright Side

I love all the works, especially the first one! Gorgeous girl ?


Please NEVER wear RED eye shadow, it's sure not natural looking! So many talented people!
The makeovers were Beautifully Done.
1: realise each side of your face is different.
2: you must understand the difference between how you see yourself and what you are hoping to achieve so you can get the Very Best Result.


Warning to all men.
Make sure you date women with no make-up!
Appearing false is not just about looks, but those who create a false persona are most likely to be deceivers in other ways.


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