A Young Woman Confessed Her Father Is Her Gynecologist, but What Drove People Crazy Is His Discovery

10 months ago

Every child wants to have a loving father involved in their upbringing. However, sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for... A video on TikTok recently went viral when a young woman revealed something about her father that is normal to her, but that has petrified the rest of the world.

The relationship between fathers and daughters is something truly special. It is a connection that can last a lifetime. To nurture this bond, a father needs to provide unconditional love, be a good role model, have good communication, and never hold back his child’s personal growth.

In this way, the father-daughter relationship is likely to be one to envy. In addition, another way to foster bonding can be to recognize each other’s accomplishments, spend time together and encourage independence. In most cases, a strong bond is usually the most advisable; however, some people take it too far, and we want to tell you the story of a daughter who may have too much confidence in her father.

First of all, it is important to clarify that experts recommend attending a gynecological consultation at least once every three years to verify that everything is in order or detect any problems early. However, finding a trusted gynecologist can be difficult.

But can you imagine going for a consultation with your dad as a gynecologist? Well, a young woman confessed on social media that her dad is her gynecologist, and this caused a great deal of controversy.

Many people have expressed disapproval and concern about the situation, as it could be uncomfortable and unprofessional. After all, sexual health is an important topic and should be treated with seriousness and respect.

  • The caption reads: “When your gynecologist —who is also your dad— gives you your annual checkup and discovers that your boyfriend was cheating on you...”

It turns out that in a video she posted on TikTok, Isabel Salas (@isabelsalasv) showed how her dad noticed something strange during the examination.

In the video, you can see the office and the screen showing the results of the checkup. Afterward, the woman recorded her dad sitting at his desk while entering some data from the consultation into his database.

The video went viral within hours and TikTok users had mixed opinions. But what drew the most attention was the question of how the dad became aware of the infidelity of Isabel’s boyfriend.

It turns out that Isabel revealed that she had recurrent infections despite treatment. Then, her TikTok followers were completely baffled and wondered if it is appropriate for a father to examine his daughter in such a way. Some even took the opportunity to make jokes about it with comments like “The real ’pap-nicolau’... hope you’re feeling well!”

Others, meanwhile, threw out comments like “I don’t think I would let my dad be my gynecologist.” or “Aren’t doctors, physicians, etc. not supposed to give consultations to their relatives?”

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My mother was a psychiatrist and she treated me. Doctors treat family members all the time.


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