20+ Photos Showing What Time Looks Like

3 years ago

Time is an intricate thing. It behaves like a capricious creature who always is in a different mood. It stops, it runs, it changes things and people, but hardly changes feelings. 5 generations of women meeting together at the same place or an elderly couple getting married after 65 years are just some of the best scenarios life manages to write.

We at Bright Side have witnessed how time plays with people and objects and were so impressed with it, we couldn’t help but want to share these transformations with you.

1. A little girl is sending fluffy kisses to her beloved great-grandma through the window.

2. “My niece graduated. Then this happened.”

3. “My son met his great-great-grandma today.”

4. “5 generations of women all stemming from my 100-year-old great-grandmother”

5. “My first day of kindergarten, 30 years apart”

6. A pretty worn out staircase

7. A very well-loved bear, 18 years ago vs now

8. 4 generations — left to right: 20, 48, 85, and 103

9. A before and after pic of the Berlin Wall

10. The blueberry cycle

11. Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

12. “His favorite toy over the years”

13. “I made a teddy bear out of the clothes my son came home from the hospital in. He’s turning 6 and still plays with it.”

14. Steve Irwin and Robert Irwin

15. “They dated in their teens, married different people, and got back together 65 years later. My grandma and her boyfriend!”

16. You’re always going to be your father’s kid no matter how old you get.

17. They grow up so quickly!

18. Family growth since 1981

19. A childhood photo with Ninja Turtles has been inspiring this man for over 26 years, and he finally landed a career in the film industry.

20. Time wears out attributes and faces, but real love lasts through it.

21. Returning to the same place, 20 years later

Do you have stories or pictures telling about time and its power? Please share them with us in the comments.


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Picture 8 is actually crazy... Imagine being so old that your daughter is a granny!


haha I loved to make this joke in the last year of school when teachers said "you wont pass like this" (I got really lazy) I would say "you have been here for nearly 15 years!"


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