20 Photos That Prove Real Love Only Gets Stronger With Age

4 years ago

From childhood sweethearts sharing a lifetime together to finding new love later on in life, there are many ways love can change and strengthen over the years. This can mean people going out of their way to help their other half, or simply celebrating their special moments together.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected images of some of the most inspiring and beautiful couples who show us that time can only deepen love.

1. These smiles are 45 years apart and are just as excited the second time around.

2. Giving each other a helping hand is an important part of a strong, loving marriage.

3. This couple has proudly seen 6 decades together and counting.

4. “Every year my neighbor takes his wife out to act like a fairy for the summer solstice. Well done, old man.”

5. When age is just a number and you’re still young at heart:

6. You can see in their smiles that their love is never-ending.

7. They have been best friends since childhood and now, years later, they’re engaged.

8. “They dated in their teens, married different people, and got back together 65 years later. This is my grandma and her boyfriend.”

9. Their smiles are big enough to brighten anyone’s day.

10. “It doesn’t matter what age you find love — my aunt found it for the first time at 60!”

11. The second time walking down the aisle together, and it’s for their own wedding!

12. “My dad with Alzheimer’s kissing my stepmom — it was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen.”

13. “They make sure they’re always there for each other.”

14. How perfectly this couple cosplayed Princess Leia and Han Solo together

15. “An elderly man sitting outside his car door feeding his beloved wife ice cream”

16. This whole family is color-coordinated...its good to keep a sense of humor.

17. “We met in second grade in 1997. Here we are 21 years later.”

18. These photos are 40 years apart and you can still feel the chemistry.

19. They’re still capturing beautiful memories of each other.

20. This was her favorite photo of them together and she still kept it close to her after he died.

Do you have a special someone who has accompanied you throughout your life? Share your photos to celebrate how your love has grown over the years for one another!

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Agree! Love grows with time. I'm proud to say my husband and I have developed such a strong relationship over the years that I can't imagine a life without him


What a beautiful article. A few of these made me thing of my brother's relationship. He and his girlfriend met when they were little and now they're the sweet couple ever. They're both 18 and I haven't seen such a lovely duo ever!


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