20+ Photos That Prove There’s a Whole Universe Hiding in Everyday Things

3 years ago

Familiar things, when enlarged many times, instantly lose their normal shape. All of a sudden, plants become exotic and insects become monsters from another planet.

We at Bright Side have already looked through the photos of a magical macro world that unfold incredible beauty for humans’ eyes. Today, we invite you to look at how everyday things can be hiding a whole unexplored universe inside them.

A forest’s refraction in a drop of water

“I like to take macro photos of household items. Here’s a waffle.”

Salt and pepper

House fly eye

“A close-up shot of our backyard barbed wire”

“I’ve never really been able to photograph a butterfly’s wings in high magnification before. They just move too much! But this time I was lucky.”

An ant with a grain of garnet sand


A drop of ink from a ballpoint pen

“As close to a lime as I can get without getting my nose wet”

Sand under a microscope

A whole world inside a bottle

A macro photo of a perfect snowflake

What a peacock feather looks like up close

Do you think it’s the birth of a planet? No, it’s just a macro photo that shows the moment of paint and oil mixing.

Grass under a microscope is so happy!

Shark skin under a microscope

A macro photo of a lizard’s skin

The beauty of a dandelion

A drop of water on the tip of a pen

Playing with fire

“I had a wonderful photoshoot yesterday!”

“I took a macro photo of a soap bubble.”

The best little friend a macro photographer could ask for!

The freshness of a summer morning

Which things opened up a whole new world for you?

Preview photo credit TheLucidMan / reddit


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at first I thought it was some dried fruit, then I read the name and saw it's a pepper ?


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