20 Pics That Prove Some People May Have a Worse Day Than You

11 months ago

Sometimes, we may have a tough day that starts all wrong and goes on totally not by the plan. But some people have such an enormous sense of humor that they treat all misfortunes with a good giggle. Today, we’d love for you to take a look at these brave people together with us and maybe learn a thing or two about coping with troubles with laughter.

1. “Silence is golden. But when you have kids, silence is suspicious.”

2. “Before and after I got my wisdom teeth removed”

3. “AirPods went missing...turns out my kid buried them in the backyard.”

4. “Not only did grandpa already have this shirt, he was wearing it when he unwrapped it.”

5. “’Children’s horseplay’ — found that at my grocery store.”

The writing says:
Children’s horseplay
Ordered replacement, American engineering

6. “Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice.”

7. “Help! My kid destroyed my monstera and ripped all of the leaves off.”

8. “I’m the only person in my entire office of 30 people who dressed up today and I’m in a full body banana suit.”

9. “My children are animals.”

10. “In-laws invited us over for dinner; it was a trap”

11. “My brother ripped off the handle by accident. This should be fun.”

12. “My daughter drew me a picture. Yes, that is a house fire. And yes, those are human souls floating above.”

13. “Apparently this is how a 5-year-old opens a new loaf of bread.”

14. “I was starting a fire and heard my youngest saying he was stuck. This is how I found him.”

15. “I had to take a shirt to my son’s (kindergarten) school.”

“The girl he sat next to on the bus brought homemade ’slime’ and the container opened. It’s also picture day.”

16. “Fingertips were stomped on by a 3-year-old.”

17. “A letter I apparently wrote to my mother in kindergarten: ’IT IS NOT PEE.’”

The letter says:
Dir (Dear) Mom my bed is wet but it is not pee.
For Mom from Megan

18. “Yesterday we couldn’t find my brother’s phone, and today we found it.”

19. “We cleaned out our daughter’s room today and found a tin full of dice.”

“All of our games have their dice so I have no clue from who and when these were ’collected.’”

20. “Found this in the game room, compliments of my 5-year-old.”

What is the most mind-bending thing you’ve seen a child do? What kind of pranks would you or your siblings pull?

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