20 Pics With Confusing Perspectives That Can Deceive Your Eyes

3 years ago

The human brain can process entire images that the eye sees within 13 milliseconds, but seeing a mind-twisting image might take longer to process — like seeing a picture of a rock floating in the air when it’s actually something else.

Bright Side loves excitement and mystery, so we decided to show you some confusing pictures that are fun to look at and figure out what’s really going on in them.

1. My girlfriend’s biceps

2. This dog with pinecone teeth

3. Looks like a floating rock but it’s just a rock on water.

4. Multitasker

5. This limb made me do a double-take.

6. This lady is napping but you’d think she has no head.

7. Headless cat

8. Floating Cheeto! Floating Cheeto!

9. Hard to tell if it’s an alleyway or a mural...

10. Exhaust eyes

11. Mixed breed

12. A cat with a small face

13. “I can’t find my other legs.”

14. This window that looks like a painting

15. Lazy Sunday for this dog-girl!

16. 2-in-1 doggo

17. It looks like my cat is sitting, but in reality, she’s lying down.

18. “My old school looks like it only has one wall.”

19. My cat in a shoe

20. ThunderCat fist!

Did you enjoy seeing these photos? If you did, please share what your first reactions were when you saw each of these pictures.


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