20+ Pictures of Dogs Showing That Love Has No Age Limit

3 years ago

Age can catch up with our dogs, just like it can with humans. Some of them even develop a sophisticated, mature facade that somehow, after many years, makes them even cuter than before. And other dogs remain as energetic and youthful as they were as pups. In any case, we love our dogs just as much now — and maybe even more so — than we did when we first brought them home as wide-eyed puppies.

And because at Bright Side we know how important and special your dog is to you — especially now that you’ve shared so many experiences together — we decided to make a compilation of 21 old dogs with brave yet young hearts that brightened our days even in the darkest moments.

1. “My grandmother (87) with her newly adopted senior, Peanut (14) on their way home from foster care today!”

2. “Mrs. Jiggles left us yesterday after 14 good years. I will miss her snoring at night.”

3. “Our old lady dog, Molly is 20 years old today!”

4. “Fred, age 10”

5. “My mom’s dachshund, Kenzo will turn 17 in August!”

6. “My 14-year-old man, Chance loves riding in his new wagon.”

7. “Hospice foster, Penny O’Possum (18 years old) keeps the same expression she had when she was still a puppy.”

8. “My golden girl, Lola, just had her sweet 16.”

9. “A 13-year-old good boy — his name is Jake but I call him jelly bean when he curls up like this.”

10. “My Millie girl is a beautiful 16 years old! We adopted her when she was 12. She is completely deaf, but that doesn’t stop her from anything. 100% good girl!”

11. “My old hound dog, Maggie (15), enjoying her last day with us at her favorite spot by the river”

12. “Shadow (14 years old) is my handsome old man. He used to be completely black with a little bit of white.”

13. “The old man, Max just celebrated his nineteenth birthday!”

14. “Celebrating Molly’s sixteenth birthday with a walk to the pier”

15. “7 years ago today I made the best decision of my life and gave Old Man Ted — then 8.5 years old, now 15.5 years old — a forever home with me.”

16. “Old man, Oscar, age 20, crossed the rainbow bridge this morning.”

17. “Cheech is the cutest old woman I know, like a little raccoon. She’s going to be 14 this year, and she’s my oldest furry friend.”

18. “Stubz’s (15) Christmas card photo has been taken! Every year we think it will be his last so I’m always sure to get the best photos of him!”

19. “Today is my dog Tax’s twenty-second birthday! Still truckin’ along!”

20. “Stanley (13) got wonderful news at the vet. He’s in spectacular health and is as happy as can be.”

21. “This is my best girl, Pistol at 4 months, 6 years, and 12 years. She has lived on 9 ranches in 7 states. She’s worked with cattle, sheep, and bison. She’s missing most of her teeth; she never could back down from a fight. She was just diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I don’t know what I’ll do without her!”

Do you have pets with grey hair now? Do you think their character has changed with the years? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share their best pictures with us. We’d love to see them!

Preview photo credit Mor_tish_a / Reddit


It's amazing to see how happy these dogs stay even when they become old
Sad to see those old dogs lose their vision, you can tell from the different color in their eyes
This is my sweet boy Tyson who is 10 yrs old. Had him since he was a puppy sitting under a bush during a thunderstorm. My son saw him picked him up and brought him home and he has been with us ever since! I love love my sweet handsome boy!!

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