20 Retro Photos of Animals That Behave Just Like Humans

4 years ago

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Many people believe pets are good companions and sometimes prefer them to humans. They are here in times of trouble. They give warmth and love when you really need them. You can also have fun with them as much as you want. When you spend all your free time with pets, you might notice that they have adopted some of your traits, and this is not an exaggeration.

Depositphotos, an international photobank with over 140 million visuals, shares a retro collection of authentic photos that highlight the soft spot humans have had for centuries for their beloved companions.

In this photo collection, without being distracted by colors, you can see the peculiarities of the relationships between pets and their owners, as well as explore the stories that hide behind every image. Black and white photos have their own charm, don’t you think?

Let me think about it...

Hey buddy, you okay?

Don’t mess with me!

Building bridges

Rumor has it...

Just look at them!

Nice to meet you!

He’s just like his owner.

Stop, look, and listen.

We just want to spend the rest of our lives laughing.

What a wonderful life.

You’re telling stories, aren’t you?

I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Why is love so unfair?

Dance with me...

Looking into the future

Sunbathing the whole day is so exhausting!

Will everything be alright, doctor?

Always on guard!

My life, my rules.

Has your pet ever adopted some of your traits? Share your story and images in the comment section below.

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