20 Times Jason Momoa Made Our Hearts Beat Wildly

4 years ago

He’s an amazing father, a devoted husband, an animal lover, and a bold activist. And as if it’s not surprising enough that all these qualities exist in one person, he’s insanely handsome. Mostly known as Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo and Aquaman, Jason Momoa is the ultimate heartthrob.

At Bright Side, we’ve collected his best moments just for you to get an eyeful of his colorful personality and well, his incredible looks.

1. Seeing Jason Momoa with a black cat means nothing but good luck and good vibes.

2. Imagine being hotter than a running iron!

3. Or looking this good while eating messily...

4. When he’s not the feared Khal Drogo, he’s a goofy father.

5. Along with spreading fear to his enemies, he also enjoys showing his love for his wife, Lisa Bonet on every occasion.

6. We wonder how much of those leg muscles are a result of cycling, which he loves doing.

7. Speaking of muscles, he’s even bigger than his bodyguards.

8. “You’re beautiful and worth the best” is what we imagine he’d say if he pointed at you.

9. But if he has his boxing gloves on, nobody wants to be pointed at by him.

10. His chest may not be the softest pillow but it’s definitely the safest.

11. Even though the Hawaiian actor loves good food and skipping workouts for months, when he does commit, he takes it seriously.

12. Like, really, really seriously...

13. That way, he can get stuck between narrow alleys and pose like this for our enjoyment.

14. He’s also a big guitar player.

15. But he’s still a little boy around his first “Khaleesies” — his mother and grandmother.

16. Or when he sees his childhood heroes like Clint Eastwood — he instantly turns into a regular-sized fanboy.

17. Basically, he’s never shy about showing affection to people around him like his co-star and close friend, Emilia Clarke.

18. He also loves his state. He lets his hair down, wears his hair tie on his wrist, and protects his land like a warrior.

19. Before we finish, let’s not forget to congratulate everyone who managed to graduate without being distracted by the face below.

20. With a heart of gold and body of steel, he’ll keep being dazzling and adorable forever.

If you’re done admiring him, don’t forget to share your favorite Jason Momoa moment with us in the comments!


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