20 Times People Shared the Wacky Habits of Their Pets

2 years ago

Having a pet is never boring, but sometimes our cats and dogs outdo themselves by surprising us with new quirks. The wacky poses they choose for sitting and sleeping, the most inventive ways they invade our personal space, and the ways they lovingly gaze into our eyes when they need something — they will never stop proving how witty and creative they are.

Here at Bright Side we’ve had a good laugh at these lovely pets with the most extravagant habits, and now we want them to brighten up your day!

1. “My dog sits in the car like a person would.”

2. Meet Harrison. He’s a silly boy who falls asleep in weird positions.

3. He just loves to accompany his human in the bathroom, because why not?

4. “Every time I drop Magnus back home after our walks, he stands there and makes it impossible for me to leave him.”

5. “My 10-year-old dog likes to sleep on my legs. I made her this out of some of my old jeans for her to sleep on while I’m at work.”

6. “This is how he tells us the water bowl is empty, every single time.”

7. “My dog walks herself to the car every single time because she’s so excited and today she wouldn’t even drop her leash once she got in the car.”

8. This is Ben. People say he’s weird, but he’s actually pretty special.

9. This is Cinnamon, she likes to make you uncomfortable while you use the bathroom!

10. “My sister’s dog lies down in weird positions, but this one takes the cake!”

11. “Every single time I turn on the light, she meows until I let her inspect it for whatever it is she is checking for.”

12. “Every time I try to eat in peace, the Famished 4 make an appearance...”

13. This is Ruben. He likes to carry things for people, especially boxes.

14. “I couldn’t figure out why all my markers kept disappearing until I went into the other room and found the dragon protecting her stash.”

15. She may be a pony now, but Pepper still loves being carried like a baby.

16. “Here’s my Auntie’s doggo, Jesse. She’s 15 and likes to sit like this.”

17. “Every time I shower, he thinks I’m suffering and tries to rescue me.”

18. “My kittens like to dig the change out of my pocket while I’m sleeping.”

19. Every time the doorbell rings...

20. “My kitchen has a pupper holder.”

Do you have a pet? Does he or she have a weird habit? We can’t wait to see the pics of your lovely, quirky pets in the comments!

Preview photo credit 5_Frog_Margin / Reddit


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Why hysterical times, I think they are all so sweet and even smart!!


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