20+ Times People’s Days Were Taken Over by an Evil Wizard’s Spell

4 years ago

Trouble foreseen is trouble avoided but predicting those troubles is basically an uphill task. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that can spoil your mood, while other times, it’s a bunch of fails and fiascos that manage to chase you throughout the day. At these moments, it’s important to remember that no one is insured against such fails and that any of them can become a funny story to laugh at together with friends.

We at Bright Side are sure that even the most awful fails can be treated with some humor. But still, we can’t help but empathize with the people in this article that suffered some serious misfortune.

1. A guy purchased a watermelon at a train stop but didn’t realize it wouldn’t fit through the bars.

2. “One of these is applesauce. One of these is grease from a deep fryer. Guess which one I ate a spoonful of a few minutes ago!”

3. “I spent a little too much time outside while wearing cropped pants.”

4. “Well, the delivery service finally brought me my TV stand with tempered glass shelves.”

5. “Just one of those days...”

6. “I was eating while driving so I wasn’t paying attention. Got most of the way through when I realized the chicken was 100% raw.”

7. “No one is happy here.”

8. “One time, we decided to bake a cake. We read a bunch of various recipes and spent a lot of energy to finally get this.”

9. “Now that it’s getting warm, I finally found my missing beanie.”

10. “My plum tree decided that it was all too much.”

11. “The cabinet fell off the wall while I was out. The handmade dishes I’ve collected over the years are now shattered. The cabinet also knocked open the fridge door and ruined all my food.”

12. Somebody will have a terrible day...

13. “My glass shower door shattered for no reason in the middle of the night.”

14. “A customer ordered all this food through an app and canceled the order the moment I finished making everything.”

15. “I need a file that’s lost in this room.”

16. “Traveled to Norway from Florida, spent 4 hours climbing Pulpit Rock in 40-degree weather with rain to be blessed with this.”

17. “My 7-year-old did a lot of chores to save up for this game. He tripped and fell on his way to put it in for the first time.”

18. That’s why you should never use your phone while driving, even if what you’re steering is a bike.

19. “Well, I’ll be sure to double-check the cap before shaking the stain next time.”

20. “My brother ate 3 slices of this bread before turning the lights on to see why it tasted funny.”

21. “After 6 months of recovering from a broken leg and dislocated ankle, I went for a walk and broke my foot.”

22. “This is what happened to my car today!”

23. “We ordered the largest size dog pool. It said it was 5.2 feet wide.”

Do fails like these make you go mad? What small troubles have you encountered recently?

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I wonder if the glass from the fridge shattered from the heat or something


Seeing those papers makes me wonder how much I would actually need that paper


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