20 Toddlers Who’ve Spiced Up the Lives of Their Parents

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3 years ago

Parenting may seem like a piece of cake before you give birth. And then a whole new story begins, as kids will surely juice your days up with their own interpretation of how things should be run. Here’s a list of laws your life is going to be ruled by. And forewarned is forearmed.

We at Bright Side have collected some epic examples of how kids impose their own schedules on their parents’ lives. We suggest you smile at them together with us.

1. The more time you spend putting the kid to sleep, the more energetic they will become once you give up.

2. If you spend half the day packing everyone up to go to the amusement park, they will all fall asleep by the time you get there.

3. If you spend 2 hours cooking something delicious for them, they will reject it, but will eagerly munch on some toilet paper.

4. The amount of sound from the other room is inversely proportional to the amount of trouble the child is getting into.

5. When you start their potty training, it will either be accepted as the hardest life challenge or as entertainment, but rarely as just a hygienic need.

6. If they have 1,000 markers and among them there is just one permanent marker, they will find it and they will make the best use of it.

7. You might spend the whole day entertaining them, but as soon as you need some personal space, it will be immediately violated.

8. If they have something that can get stuck in their hair, they are sure to end up with this:

9. They don’t hear you asking them to do things, but whenever you use the bathroom it will not go unnoticed.

10. When they’re really supposed to be napping, they will be tossing their toys out the window.

11. If there’s a single puddle somewhere in the universe, it will come your way and your kid will be right in the middle of it.

12. If you tell them how to do things correctly, they will insist on their own way, even if it causes them a lot of trouble.

13. If you have a kid and a dog, the dog won’t be the one that needs a leash during their walk.

14. If they are given a ton of paper to draw on, they will always go beyond the limits.

15. If mom thinks she hid her makeup kit well, they will show her their “true detective” skills.

16. The more people that are around, the naughtier they get.

17. They’ll show you that you don’t always need a fork to eat cake.

18. The intensity of the tantrum is directly proportional to the amount of people around to witness it.

19. Right after you vacuum the house, your kids will dump an entire bag of something which requires another hour of clean up.

20. If you only have one roll of toilet paper left in the house, you are sure to find them using it all at once.

Which of these triggered memories for you and reminded you of your own precious kids?

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