20 Weird Things Whose Purpose Was a Real Mystery Until the Internet Came to the Rescue

4 years ago

Our surroundings can be the best history teacher ever. While gardening, jogging, or just relaxing on the beach, people have accidentally found objects, starting from a bird flight diverter to a jar opener. Some Reddit users could not suppress their curiosity, so they started to investigate their findings and ask other people.

We at Bright Side were happy to investigate these mysterious things and share our findings with our followers!


Baby related, it is hardish foam. What is it?”

Answer: It is a door stopper, to stop fingers from getting caught when a door slams. onmydoor / reddit


“A miniature mask I found in New Zealand. Any ideas?

Answer: Balinese ‘yawning’ dance mask. It looks like a miniature version of the actual masks used in Balinese dance performances. katbali / reddit


“On the underside of our cabinet in a house we recently bought, built in the 70s. Plastic with metal teeth on one side, very dull. Each side is ~4 inches long.”

Answer: Jar opener. Kainih / reddit


What are these structures? They’re all over the public parks in my city. The inside edge of each ring has 2 hooks on either side, so they seem to have a purpose beyond public art.”

Answer: I think it is a hammock stand used for swinging, sleeping, or resting. jackrats / reddit


I found this wooden object as I was standing on a beach in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.”

Answer: That’s a ceremonial chonta. It’s a traditional healer thingy. metalexca / reddit


Hollow silver oval found in our kitchen drawer, we don’t remember buying it.”

Answer: Stainless steel soap. It’s to rub on your hands after chopping onions or garlic. It gets the smell off. geithman / reddit


Spinning wind turbine clipped onto telephone/power lines, was near some road works if that helps?”

Answer: Bird flight diverter which provides an economical means of reducing the hazard to both lines and birds. Strandedsailor69 / reddit


“There are about 6 or 7 of these around the local park, 2 inside the running track, and the rest outside, UK. What are these?”

Answer: They are vents for underground gasses. BaconReceptacle / reddit


“Found this near a military camp in the woods in the Netherlands. Can anybody tell me what it is? It has 9 beads on the bottom and 4 on top.”

Answer: They are called ranger beads. They are used to count distance through a known pace. funkygiraffe893 / reddit


Found in my backyard in East Nashville, Tennessee.”

Answer: It’s a decent fit for Hopewell Indian culture arrows from about 2,000 years ago. George__Hale / reddit


Found this thing while digging in the garden, in the south of the Netherlands.”

Answer: It’s a Roman oil jar made of terracotta. anthroarcha / reddit


What kind of axe is this supposed to be? All I know is that it is from Japan!”

Answer: This isn’t an axe. It’s a delimbing tool. You use it to reach high limbs and cut them with a swift pass. These things are razor sharp. btsquid / reddit


Found this leaking in my basement today. It’s hooked up to the water line but doesn’t seem to serve any purpose.”

Answer: It’s a sediment filter with a very old filter cartridge inside. frogpondfarm / reddit


“Found this and I have no clue what it is. Anyone recognize this thing?”

Answer: It’s a very old audio head demagnetizer. wazazoski / reddit


What is this thing?”

Answer: It is called a spacer wheel or chair. It’s meant to hold rebar in place prior to pouring the concrete. jackrats / reddits


“Anybody know what this is?

Answer: Double inkwell which was commonly used in the 19th century. ganymede_boy / reddit


“Found this in my garden, no clue what it is.”

Answer: This is an electrostatic animal guard. When an animal touches the spokes, it receives an electric shock. discardedlife1845 / reddit


“My uncle found this and has no clue what it is. I don’t have a lot of information, but it’s clear and just has these holes in it.”

Answer: Flower “frog” for arranging flowers. It uses a number of holes that stems could be fit through for arranging. NJ_Tal / reddit


What is this yellow thing? They appear to be made of aluminum and are on a lot, if not most, of the telephone poles around here. I’m located in southeast Pennsylvania.”

Answer: These yellow mesh objects are called grid reflectors. Their purpose is to help motorists see and avoid utility poles. paulmarchant / reddit


Was going through my family’s fine China cupboards and came across this weird cup thing.”

Answer: I believe it is a shaving scuttle, which is used to keep soap lather warm and ready for multiple passes. jackrats / reddit

Have you ever found any surprising things? We love solving puzzles, so share them in the comment section and we will help you to find out their purpose together!


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I thought number 3 was for cutting paper or something like that haha


Most of these are really hard to guess, but the arrow head was kinda obvious..


Is it just me or are most of these still a mystery after you read the explanation?


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