20+ Women Who Couldn’t Resist Showing Off Their Nail Designs to the Entire Internet

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3 years ago

Some women draw incredible patterns on their nails and ask manicurists in the salons to make their nail extensions longer, while others prefer the short, natural look. But in any case, every woman has a couple of stories related to getting a manicure — from the first-ever, self-made gel polish to the invaluable help of a woman’s husband who had to draw flowers on her nails.

While working on this article, we at Bright Side were sincerely happy for women who managed to stay beautiful in every situation and not lose their sense of humor. And the bonus feature at the end will prove once more that there’s no such thing as too much nail polish.

“I applied the nail polish to match the color of the cat’s eyes. It turned out exactly the same.”

“A manicurist told me this design wouldn’t look good on my nails. I’m sorry, but you’re wrong!”

“Red nail polish was chipping on the edges, so I turned my nails into cherry tomatoes.”

“My friend doesn’t believe in herself and I can’t convince her that she has talent. This is her work.”

“I have natural nails and I’m happy.”

“I painted my nails to match my computer mouse.”

“On the left is one of my first attempts to make nail extensions. And on the right is the result I got a year later. Never give up!”

“One of my nails broke off but I didn’t want to clip the rest, so I made it part of the look.”

“The maximum length of my nails”

“I’m getting used to doing gel nails myself.”

“I did these sunshine doodles with a toothpick.”

“I finally was able to quit biting my nails. Got my first French manicure as a reward.”

“My wife just opened her new nail salon. I had no idea that she could do such things.”

“Can you guess whether I’m right or left-handed?”

“Pink almond-shaped nails with sparkles, and I feel feminine.”

“I painted my nails like this for fun. But I like them so much that I want to keep them.”

“I think this is huge progress, and I’m proud of myself.”

“I work in a nursing home and I did the nails of a 90-year-old lady who loves to be glamorous sometimes.”

“Cover me in gold and call me Empress!”

“My marble technique is improving.”

“My husband helped me do the flowers on my right hand. This is because I’ve not yet learned how to paint with my left hand.”

Bonus: There’s no such thing as too much nail polish.

“My father-in-law made me a shelf for my 115 bottles of nail polish.”

Do you have something to share about your nails and your visits to nail salons? We bet that each of our readers has many stories on the subject.

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I've been told this is my best artwork since I started doing my own nails 10+ years ago. Now I'll just have to think of something even better for next time!

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