21 Objects That Will Take You Back to the 90’s and Leave You Full of Nostalgia

2 years ago

The turn of the millennium was an exciting time of evolution in various aspects of our lives. During those years we had a cell phone in our hands for the first time, we took our first steps on the internet, we bought a CD of our favorite artist or we went out with our family to rent VHS movies for the weekend.

Bright Side got nostalgic and compiled some images that are a reflection of what that era was like and how quickly more than two decades have already passed!

1. This was probably the ideal room for many teenagers in the 1990s.

2. A Spotify playlist of the 90’s (for some) looked like this.

3. Radio, cassette, CD; we didn’t need anything else to get music in our lives.

4. And if we wanted to go out, we could not miss a Discman with its respective case.

5. Then music had its very own device presented by Steve Jobs.

6. Magazines like these (along with TV) used to be our means of connection with the rest of the world.

7. In the past, the smaller the cell phone, the better it was.

8. 1.44 MB was enough to save and move many of our files.

9. If anyone understands the relationship between these two things, they should start with medical checkups every year.

10. “My mom found our 25 year old Disney Hercules plates from McDonald’s.”

11. Also, some soft drink and food brands launched these collectible cups.

12. Some toys such as Pinypon have changed a lot over the years.

13. Anyone who has adopted a Cabbage Patch Kid raise your hand 🙋🏻.

14. Without internet, one could easily get addicted to this little snake game on their cell phone.

15. This card was the equivalent of having a Netflix account today.

16. And to watch a movie, we had to have a VHS tape (yes, one for each movie).

17. New VHS came with their own stickers.

18. “My mother’s hometown still has this beauty on main street.”

19. “Juice container my family used. I still use it today. Great design.”

20. “I found one of those magic grow animals from the 2000s that had continued to expand since my childhood.”

21. “Trying to rock my 2000’s gear at age 39!”

Do you remember how you celebrated the turn of the millennium? What treasure from your childhood or adolescence have you kept to this day?

Preview photo credit MarkIrishdude / Reddit, Emojipedia


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