20 Times Girls Used the Power of Makeup to Look Like an Actual Diva

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3 years ago

Each woman is beautiful in her own way, and the right makeup helps to unleash her full potential. In other words: magic happens. Just a little change in the shape of the eyebrows can make your face look more graceful. And a tomboy can become a lady vamp with the use of mascara and lipstick.

We at Bright Side are amused by seeing transformations and would like to share 20 examples of how the correct makeup can completely change a face.

1. “My second attempt at bridal makeup”

2. “I decided to try on some new eyebrows today.”

3. “Before and after I got dressed up for my husband”

4. “A 4-year difference — I like to think my makeup has improved a bit!”

5. “From a fem boy to a baddie”

6. “Affordable holiday glam”

7. “A Korean-style makeup transformation on my friend”

8. “A bit of a different angle in the second pic to show the shadow better”

9. “Getting ready for a date!”

10. Still looking natural

11. “Before and after your critiques”

12. “The left half of my face is makeup-free to show the difference.”

13. “I did my 85-year-old nana’s makeup yesterday.”

14. “I’ve always been so self-conscious of my hereditary dark circles. So makeup is my best friend.”

15. “Bridal trial, before and after”

16. “I tried to go for a fresh, summery look.”

17. “My average date night look”

18. “Before and after — soft glam”

19. “My no-makeup look”

20. “Before and after getting ready for an Indian wedding”

What’s the main detail you focus on when you do your makeup? Do you prefer to focus on your lips or your eyes? Please share your pics with us!

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I love my makeup, always have done since I was a teenager.... it changes depending on where I am going, what I am wearing or what I am doing.... but I cannot go anywhere without my lipstick, mascara and eyeliner.... at the least!!... and I do my makeup for nobody but myself 💄❤


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