17 Animals Mother Nature Had Lots of Fun Creating

2 years ago

As you know, there are no identical snowflakes or drops of water. And this simple rule is true for everything in the world — including people and animals.

We at Bright Side love pets no matter what color or size they end up being. But we are always curious to see the animals that got a generous bonus from mother nature.

It looks as if Husky eyes were photoshopped on this guy.

That feeling you get when you are really too beautiful for this world.

“This is Fanny. She has a rare skin condition called vitiligo, causing her hair to depigment.”

His marshmallow tail got perfectly toasted.

2 dogs in one!

“The most awesome genetic mutation I’ve ever seen...”

She’s rocking that smoky eyeshadow.

“Caught this cutie pie outside my hair salon. Looks like all her (or his?) grandparents were different colors!”

“My dog Basil has a perfectly split green/blue eye.”

They forgot to color her nose.

“Dressed as my cat Murnau for Halloween this year.”

“Our boy has such a unique pattern.”

“Adele has on-point eyebrows AND a full face of makeup!”

“I met a 14-year-old lab with vitiligo this morning.”

When nature couldn’t decide which color it liked best:

“My new kitten has a heart on his fur and it’s super cute”

“My name is Snow and my nose is made of coal”

Do you have a pet? We would love to see a photo of it!

Preview photo credit MayaKitsu / Reddit


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