21 Photos Where Reality Beats Photoshop

4 years ago

We all know that there are lots of beautiful photos that can be created with the help of Photoshop. But nature creates even more magnificent masterpieces in a split second – and without the use of filters and correction tools.

Bright Side gathered 21 gorgeous photos that can beat any photo editor.

A tree on a full moon

Such an amazing transition!

Crystal clear ice in Alaska

A wintry morning

A full-color photo of black sand in Iceland

A labyrinth of fallen leaves

Altai Krai (Altai region)

Too many geese!

A bearded streetlight

A rain cloud casting a shadow during sunset

Stunning snow-covered ground

The clearest water

Touching water

Ice balls on the Gulf of Finland's shore



A tower in mist

A tree without leaves but with lots of apples

Water has a question for you!

A plane with a solar eclipse in the background

This cat looks like it could stand up and walk at any second!

All these pictures are really amazing! We can enjoy them forever. And what about you? Do you have your own photos depicting nature's arts?

Preview photo credit Prostoilogin / pikabu.ru


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