22 Tattoos That Have a Deep Connection to the People Who Got Them

5 years ago

We see people with tattoos everywhere but we don’t know the actual story behind that piece of art they have on their skin. Each person has a unique story behind their tattoos, and some of these stories are so deep that they make you appreciate the tattoos even more.

Here at Bright Side, we found some of the most emotional tattoos on the internet that might make you shed a tear.

1. Forever holding hands

2. “This grandma is a cancer survivor and got a tattoo to celebrate”

3. “My grandfather was in the Holocaust and he had never met someone with the same tattoo as him until recently. KL stands for Konzentratzion Lager or Concentration Camp.”

4. “My daughter started questioning her birthmark, so I got a tattoo of it on my arm.”

5. Forever in love

6. “My dad passed away in 2009. I got a note he wrote in my 2nd grade yearbook as a reminder.”

7. “For my 18th birthday I got a tattoo of my dad’s laugh on my arm, he passed 3 years ago.”

8. “My tattoo and her birthmark”

9. “Shot heroin for 12 years. Today I am 4 years clean.”

10. “After dealing with depression for years, I got a tattoo to represent my battle.”

11. “I’m a stroke survivor and, like a tree, I’m hard to take down.”

12. “My wife and I got tattoos of a diagram depicting the position of the planets as they were the exact moment we were married.”

13. Admirable cancer survivor’s tattoo

14. Honoring his little daughter with angel wings on her footprints

15. A reminder to always offer a helping hand to those who need it.

16. “A piece of WWI: my great grandfather’s handwriting who survived the Somme.”

17. “My dad died when I was 4. The signature is his taken from his military papers.”

18. “One hash for every year that I’ve been clean and sober.”

19. A permanent indication of love

20. “My 4-year-old daughter drew this for me and her.”

21. “My dad’s last 3 heartbeats”

22. “Tribute to a friend who died in a car crash and was on his way to a brilliant racing career.”

Which of these tattoos did you appreciate the most? Please let us know in the comments below.

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these are tear-jerking! i want a tattoo of my beautiful arabian gelding that i had for 20 years that passed away 2 years ago...but im having a hard time finding a artist who can do realistic tats. i love tats that have deep meaning. ❤


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