23 Cool Designs That Remind Us We Don’t Have a “Planet B”

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Sometimes people forget that our planet is our one and only home that provides us with everything we need. From all that plastic that ends up in our ocean and kills our marine life to the severe cutting down of trees, we tend to harm our environment more than we realize. So, now seems like a good time for all of us to leave some of our bad habits behind and adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Bright Side would like to prove how our planet is truly in our hands and how our creativity can reduce our waste and break new ground.

1. “This fence was built around a tree.”

2. “I use pantyhose filled with husky fur to deter rabbits from snacking in my garden. No chemicals, much less chicken wire, and I don’t have to keep buying new plants.”

3. The building’s design saved one of the last patches of greenery in the city.

4. When newspapers don’t end up in the trash:

5. A laser mark instead of plastic stickers

6. The BrickOven Café serves all their food in containers made of dried leaves.

7. Axiology is the first-ever company to make 100% zero waste crayons and lip balms.

8. Puma’s clever little bag that you can use for storage afterward

9. Reusable and washable sandwich wraps by Marley’s Monsters

10. Compostable and eco-friendly plastic wrap by Compostic

11. Grass straws that come from the wetlands of Vietnam in the Mekong Delta.

12. “My shopping bag has a printed holiday pattern so it can be reused as wrapping paper.”

13. This is how a used milk bottle can be transformed into a watering can.

14. There’s nothing more stylish than these cardboard hangers.

15. Eco-friendly wallets made from banana waste

16. Not-so-paper towels

17. “I sewed some reusable coffee filters from organic cotton muslin.”

18. A beautiful handbag made of corks from NY Cork

19. Unocup is a coffee cup project that doesn’t require the use of plastic lids.

20. The Earth Case makes phone cases that you can simply bury instead of throwing in the trash.

21. “This Swiss Caran’d Ache pen was made with recycled coffee capsules.”

22. “A recycled plastic coffee cup carrier made from milk bottle tops and other collected plastic”

23. You can even build a house using plastic bottles.

Have you created any products using old and unused materials that would’ve otherwise ended up in the trash? Please share your innovations with us.

Please note: This article was updated in July 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit cadburied / Reddit


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stores in my country also adopt these laser "stickers" on the potatoes. I think they are very nice, though we still have a lot of fruits and veggies packed in plastic. I hope this problem will be solved soon too


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