24 Shots Proving Huskies Are Big Weirdos

3 years ago

Huskies are very sweet and loyal dogs, but they’re the definition of zoomies. Their mischievousness and funny craziness are part of their very unique personalities, which Husky owners know so well. Add to that a dose of silly facial expressions and one thing is certain — you will never be bored with them!

Bright Side found 24 perfect examples of this and we hope they will give you as big of a smile as they did us!

1. Playtime is different when you have huskies.

2. “Look at my teeth, look!”

3. Tired boy doing a snooze

4. “There’s something on my head, isn’t there?!”

5. “But, I don’t want to go inside.”

6. The 3 personalities of a Husky

7. “I clean window!”

8. Find someone who looks at you the way this Husky does.

9. You want a good picture with your Huskey? Good luck.

10. When the job interviewer asks you if you have any special skills:

11. “I will keep watch.”

12. “My puppy became fast friends with this fluffy, deranged husky.”

13. Tongues out for the camera... and the wind.

14. This Huskey was raised by cats, so she acts like one!

15. “Kiss me...”


16. “First time Frank saw a kangaroo, he lost his mind.”

17. “I gots a stick!!”

18. No, this dog is not broken, he’s doing an ancient move called “standing sideways.”

19. “This husky appeared while I was pooping in a public restroom. It stared at me for a few seconds and then ran away.”

20. “Was walking by a fence and this little guy came to say hello.”

21. The difference between goldens and huskies in one pic

22. “I see all!”

23. “Hey, hooman, I heard you wanted to see me.”

24. Determined, yet goofy!

Have you caught your pup being goofy on film? If so — please share it with the rest of us and let’s see which one is the goofiest of them all!

Preview photo credit Vaetki / imgur, Bbecky520 / reddit


How cute! I think I want one of these. Weirdos are the best ??
My dad used to have one of these and people... they truly are big weirdos!!
Weirdos and beautiful! I can't believe these dog's eyes ??

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