25+ Awful Designs That Absolutely Destroy the Aesthetics

4 months ago

Some designs make us happy and excited, while others are just plain awful and leave us puzzled. Take, for example, donut-shaped suit or skin-colored leggings — they’re so bizarre that they make us scratch our heads. Despite their apparent ridiculousness, these designs do not amuse; instead, they shatter our sense of aesthetics and leave us in dismay.

1. “Every car wants to grow up!”

2. “My mom thought this butter dish was cute, but it just makes my eyes bleed.”

3. “Diapers for mutant baby”

4. “The staircase at my hotel room just drops off.”

5. “Horse with eyes on front of its head”

6. “A new direction in architecture”

7. “This ramp and steps lead nowhere.”

8. “And only one side has toilet paper.”

9. “Almost got it!”

10. “The floor at this barbershop”

11. “Just bought a can of peppercorns...”

12. “This door doesn’t even lock...”

13. “They almost managed...”

14. “Why can’t I build another room if I really want it?”

15. “Shocked by this bus design.”

16. “When you don’t know where you want to go — to the gym or to a party”

17. “When there aren’t any mountains around.”

18. “Banana car”

19. “There’s something wrong here.”

20. “When you’re not sure what you want to create”

21. “These double stairs”

22. “Time for tea”

23. “Check out this bus route map in Thailand: the left one is designed by the government and the right one is designed by a local community service group.”

24. “What time is it? Half past heart.”

25. “Finally found out why I had random symbols on my face all day today at the beach.”

26. “Guess who set the alarm off at the movie theater today? The men’s room was around the corner and down the hall.”

27. “This ’engineering building’ at my university was so poorly designed it was deemed unsafe for use and is now derelict.”

28. “These scissors that don’t close all the way”

Ultimately, these abominable designs serve as stark reminders of what not to do regarding aesthetics. Let them be cautionary tales, and may we all strive for better, more beautiful creations in the future.

Preview photo credit TomtheFake / reddit


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