20 Situations Where People Didn’t Know Whether to Laugh or Get Annoyed

2 years ago

Things don’t always go our way, and it’s easy to get upset over it. But a recent study confirmed that anger only increases our chances of committing more errors, and it also affects our memory accuracy. So the next time you find yourself in a funny pickle or a minor mishap, it would help to view things with a sense of humor.

Bright Side collected 20 examples of amusingly catastrophic events that could actually be more funny than disappointing.

1. “The diamond in my ring fell out today. It came with a 10-year workmanship guarantee. Yesterday was our tenth wedding anniversary.”

2. “Fell asleep while heating up some mac and cheese.”

3. “When you’re only half awake and pack raw bacon in your lunch instead of the leftover pizza”

4. “Got my rain boots from the garage in anticipation of today’s heavy rain. Forgot to bring them inside last night.”

5. “Was headbanging/rocking out too hard and slammed my eye HARD on the tip of my laptop screen.”

6. “I did not look closely enough at that label.”

7. “Washed my measuring cup and all the lines and numbers came off.”

8. “Some murderers like to return to the scene of the crime.”

9. “My wife lost a sewing needle in the carpet and I found it a few days later.”

10. “Spilled water on my keyboard, so I set it up in front of a heater to dry...”

11. “These cookies at my local gas station for sale...”

12. “My sister ordered this from Amazon. The snack cups were labeled ’dishwasher friendly.’ But a plunger with paper hats was what got delivered.”

13. “My 5-year-old niece decided to rearrange the items on the family fridge.”

14. “Came home from vacation to find that my cactus had given up on life.”

15. “Got my ’Magneto’ helmet from Amazon.”

16. “Guess I’ll be living unhealthily.”

17. “The fly that I’ve been trying to swat for half a day decided to take a little break.”

18. “The mirror in my hotel bathroom has an anti-fog section. Unfortunately, I’m 5’2”."

19. “I got my haircut from my mom who, hours earlier, said she went to the eye doctor and wasn’t sure if she could see properly to do it.”

“But later on, she assured me she could.”

20. “What’s left of the chopping board I melted after preheating the oven”

Was there any recent event that made you laugh and feel disappointed at the same time? Share your story or photo in the comment section.

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